Watching: Fixer Upper on HGTV
Listening: to Alex & Annie snore (ha, but its true!)
Dreaming: of a vacation this fall to Belize
Going: tomorrow to Ben's ring ceremony
Reading: Facebook
Stressing: over both boys being sick
Believing: that God is in control of those things in life we can't change
Eating: sticky drumsticks and corn
Drinking: water
Making: just finishing up January's Project Life pages

For 2016 I have begun keeping an art journal. What's an art journal, you ask? Well basically its just a book where I can play around with paints, different textures and techniques and have no rules. I can doodle, scribbles, layer paints on top of each other just to play. 

For me, I am using my art journal in connection to my daily devotional book, Savior: Living Abundantly Where You Are by Shauna Neiquist.  Every day I complete my devotion, then spend a couple of minuets in my art journal. Some days I am able to 'play' for a couple of hours, other days I only have 10 minuets. The point, for me, is to just play with no rules. 

For this page, I just layered paint, papers, and randomness. I used art spackle, rub ons  and ribbon. I smeared, gooped and globbed. The end product turned out to be darker than I intended but that is ok. This isn't for anyone other than me!

For this page, I initially only had about 20 minuets to play - but I didn't feel like I was 'done' with the page so I came back late and continued to layer things until it felt right.

Today is my oldest 'ring ceremony' for school - and he is home sick. Say a prayer for him - his brother was sick for almost a week last week and now it is Ben's turn. I absolutely hate that Ben is missing his ceremony - but what can be done?

Have a blessed Tuesday friends! Don't forget to tune in tonight to Fixer Upper! You know I will be watching!

Oh Charlotte

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend! We had beautiful weather this weekend - on Saturday it was a bit windy but today? Today was perfect.

I wanted to share a layout that I made using the Felicity Jane Susie scrapbook kit. I really loved the FJ Susie kit! Pink, blue, green and black made for a great color scheme to work with. So fresh and pretty!

The journaling reads: Oh Charlotte. Its all going to be ok. I promise! And you know - even if its not ok, it will be. Promise! 

I just love this photo. Charlotte is the baby of one of my best friends. This little girl has personality like I've never seen! 

Everything on this layout is from Felicity Jane's Susie kit. I cut out the title using black Bazzill cardstock and my Silhouette machine.

All together, this layout came together in about 30 minuets, sewing included.

We have a busy week this week - going to (hopefully) finish up the bathroom renovations for the boys bath. All that is left is painting the top 1/3 of the walls and the ceiling. You know, the fun part...or not.

Have a great week friends! I will be back later this week with a page from my art journal.

730 days

Two years. It's been two years today since my Momma went home to Jesus. I keep thinking that it is supposed to be easier by now - and I suppose in some ways it is. But I wonder if I will get over wanting to talk to her, have her hold my hand.

Nope. The longing is still here. I am sure it always will be.

This photo was taken the Thanksgiving of 2013. Almost two months to the day before she passed away. My mom is in red, I am in the middle and my sister Laurie is closest to the window.

This is one of my favorite photos. Me, squished between my mom and my sister who cares for me like my Mama would have. Mom had become exhausted during Thanksgiving, so we helped her into my bed. I curled up with her and then my sister Laurie curled beside me, just as she would do when I was little.

I am so incredibly thankful that I found scrapbooking. I have so many 'random' photos like this - snapshots that I have to remember the love when I cannot physically have my mom with me. This moment would have slipped away, probably gone unnoticed if not for my love of documenting my family.

Have a blessed day friends. Love on those around you - tomorrow isn't always guaranteed.
Have you heard the news? Magnolia Market - or as you may know them, the people behind the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper, are releasing a book this October!

*let us pause while I clap my hands and squeal in delight*

Here is the video that they have released.

I am absolutely giddy about this! As a designer, all through college I dreamed about having a store like Magnolia Market. While I do have my antique store, Roots inside the Historic Nat Ballroom,  on Historic Route 66 - Magnolia Market? That is my dream store. I am pretty sure Heaven has #shiplap, magnolia leaves and wooden beams. 

So, tell me? Are you as excited as I am about the Magnolia Story Book being released in October? 

My First Video! Eek!

Hey friends!

I wanted to stop in quickly and share with you a link to my first You Tube Video! Crazy, huh? ;)

I made a quick video flip through of my prepared December Daily album. Remember: this album is just prepped for December 1. Things can move, pages added or deleted. Its a work in progress. This is just the base of my album.

You can view my video here. Leave me a comment (a nice one please!) and subscribe to my channel is you'd like!

Hope your Monday is blessed -



This week our family faced having to put our beloved Roscoe to sleep. 

And it hurts. And we've all cried. 

We are certain we made the best decision for Roscoe - his quality of life was gone. He could no longer run, play, eat or really do anything other than lay in his bed. We debated getting him a wheelchair - and then he went further downhill and really the most loving thing to do was to put him down.

We had already tried acupuncture - and initially he was getting better. Then one day we woke up and our sweet baby was back to square one. In pain, scared and not real sure what was going on.

Roscoe came home to us when he was 8 weeks old. He was going to be taken to a shelter because his original owners did not want him...but once Ben and John saw him, they knew he was ours. 

We bought him home one Friday while Alex was out of town. What a surprise he had when he got home! 

....and we have not looked back. He was loyal, playful, loving. He was all the things you want in a dog for your boys. He would curl up with me in the mornings after Alex went to work. Such a snuggle bug he was! 

We will miss this little guy so much - we already do. But the time we had him (just over 5 years) - he was right where he needed to be. He was perfect for our family (even when he ate my new leather couch!). 

Rest in peace little buddy. You've done well.