Happy Wednesday! Another day documented for Week In The Life. Today was a busy day with appointments and errand running.

My day started around 7 am this morning and I spent a few minuets on Facebook catching up. My niece is moving to college tomorrow so I messaged her to check on how she is doing.

I also checked my email and confirmed details on a volunteering opportunity coming up. 

Todays agenda included cleaning out my closet + switching out my Summer wardrobe for my Fall clothes. It may be still a bit early to wear a jacket but I know its coming. 

Sidenote: I am so predictable in my clothing. Tons of denim shirts and the colors black and coral are well represented. Not so much pink, green, or yellow.

10:30 - My closet organization project is done and I have a quick check on Facebook. 

Lunch is served. I had a 'Bear' on Cheddar (Cheddar bagel with creamcheese, cucumber, honey mustard and ham). 

Another appointment with my Doctor. This time I was getting results from a blood workup. Cortisol and Thyroid were low and need to be treated. 

My view as I lay down while my back is getting worked out. Well hello there! 

Back home in the late afternoon - just in time to have a lengthy Face Time session with this cutie. Lynlee just started to crawl and she 'called' me to show me how good she is. Gosh I love her so much.

This little guy was found hopping into the house. Nice, huh? We have had a ton of rain lately and this guy has been hanging out on our back patio. Of course, our dogs were not going to let it get very far! 

So Wednesday is in the books. I am noticing I am not photographing a lot of 'things' of our life. I want to work on that tomorrow. What does our medicine look like? Snack time? Laundry? How messy is my studio? 

Do you include things like medicine in your Week In The Life albums? 

Today's story is that it was a lazy day. The only day this week that had no 'must-do' items on the calendar.

No early morning activities means that breakfast could be enjoyed. Toasted English muffins + strawberry cream cheese and then a banana. Orange juice, no pulp, to drink. I ate alone since Alex was already at work and it was peaceful. 

Mid morning I realized I was out of laundry detergent so I ran to Target. A peach tea green lemonade from Starbucks was the first thing I found once I was there. Thank You Alex for always giving me Starbucks gift cards on holidays. 

No trip to Target would be complete without a stroll through the Clothing Section. I love Fall clothes and Target is starting to get out their sweaters + long sleeve shirts out. Just by looking at what they have put out already, it looks like bright plaid + flair jeans + leggings with a tunic on top is what will be in style come Fall. I also noticed lots of Olive green in the clothing - it is a neutral nowadays. 

Back home and made the bed - now I am reading The Life Changing Habit of Tidying Up. Scout was helping me (of course he moved just as I snapped this photo!). This book was recommended to me by a friend - and it is good! Don't let the size of this book fool you. It is jam packed with ideas on how to clear out the clutter. 

Alex had a business trip to Lubbock today, so once he got home we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Beef enchiladas for him + chicken enchiladas for me. It was Happy Hour when we arrived so I ordered a house Margarita. It was so cold and refreshing! 

After dinner we came back home and watched Apple TV. We are just finishing up Gilmore Girls on Netflix. How is it that I had never seen this show before? #latetotheparty Relaxing at home is one of our favorite ways to wind down the day. 

Snuggling with the dogs + watching TV + just 'being' = heaven for our family.

Today I had a hard time remembering to use my 'big girl' camera. All but one photo from today came from my iPhone. 

Because I wasn't busy today, I had to really try and make an effort to remember to snap photos. Does anyone else have this problem? I don't think today will be an exciting day in my Week In The Life book. That's OK though. Everyday isn't full of exciting things to do. Some days are just 'days'. Nothing bad happened and nothing especially good happened either. 

Just a low key, calm day.

How about you? How are you coming along on you WITL? Do you have a hard time remembering to take photos? 

 A few snapshots + words from today. I am still trying to find my groove on the photos I take vs. the stories I want to tell. My boys are at their Dad's until later in the week, so its just me, Alex + the three dogs to document.

This should be interesting.

Rise + Shine time was 7:30. Lots of sunlight streaming in and the humidity is thick in the air. 

Lots of ordinary stuff had to be done today. Grocery shopping, doctor appointments, making dinner.  Emails to coaches. Emails from my dad about my MawMaw falling (note: I need to print this email out to include). 

First stop though? Sonic for a coke. 1/2 price morning drinks for the win.

Grocery shopping. Meal Planning. This is what I do on Mondays. Its actually a routine that I love - figuring out dinners for the week and planning desserts. I am not a great cook but I can hold my own and thankfully Alex and the boys aren't picky.

Next stop - the doctors office to get my MRI results. 2 bulging disks in my lower back. 3 Prescriptions and a schedule for Physical Therapy and I am on my way to healing.

Tonight Alex has plans after work so dinner goes into the crockpot. We are trying a new recipe out - Beef Steak Tips and Gravy. Can't wait to eat - it smells so good! I ended up serving it over white rice and then baked potatoes on the side. The recipe needs a bit tweaking (and maybe some green chili's?) but it was nice to have everything done once we were ready to sit down and eat.

A self timer photo of Alex and I in bed, watching the news. Not the best quality but this time with him? I love it. Every night this is our time....this is our treasured time. We read, watch the news, and catch up on the days events. Our dogs snuggle with us and its just a peaceful way to end our day.

How are you doing? Have you taken photos today to add to you Week In The Life album?

Today is the first day in Ali Edwards' Week In The Life Project.

I am ready. 

I spent Sunday afternoon doing a bit of preparing and anticipating for the coming week. Not a ton of pre-planning but I did get a basic plan of how I will be filling up my album.

Since this is the first time for me to participate in "Week In The Life' I have decided to use Ali Edwards Kit as the bulk of my album. You can find the kit here. I will also be adding bits + pieces from my stash to add little details to the album. I will be using pieces of Crate Paper Poolside collection (the floral paper in the first photo) and labels and gold pieces of ephemera. I also have pulled a few Project Life cards to include, possibly. Like I have said, I am not sure where the album will take me in regards to what papers I will include.

I am excited. Excited to document where my family is right now. Our habits, our routines. Looking at our calendar it doesn't seem like this week will be too crazy busy so I am hoping that I remember to take my big camera out and catch little snippets of real life.

I hope you will check back every day - my plan is the update my blog with photos from the week. I want to journal daily so I do not forget details. Even if its just a couple of lines of journaling a day.

Are you going to be participating? Leave a link in the comment section so I can check out your album!

It's Friday! It's Friday! (go ahead. Sing along with me!)

This week I wanted to share a few great links to things I have found online, that you just might like!

Up first is S'mores On A Stick that Scattered Thoughts of A Crafty Mom shared. Seriously. These are so good and a breeze to make!

Have you seen this video? My sweet husband sent me a link to a YouTube video. It's Mandisa singing 'Overcomer'. Alex so knows my heart and mind, and knows just what I needed to hear.

Did you see this free printable from Designs By Miss Mandee? Yep. It's awesome and its free.

And finally,  do you read Momastry? This blog is seriously so good. Like, your favorite dessert and it not having any calories or bad stuff, good. I can read Momastry and laugh and cry and then also want to change the world, all at the same time!

Have a great Friday. Remember you are loved!

Don't Just Be Busy

This week has been busy - lots of busyness going on. I am teaching Art classes this week and that is definitely keeping on my toes!  Just being busy is defiantly not a good thing...

I called and talked with my Therapist on Monday. *sigh* She has been reminding me that just being busy isn't really a good thing. Be busy doing things you love.

When I started taking care of my parents about 3 years ago, I ended up giving up time doing things I loved because it was just too hard to get everything done in one day. Little by little I gave up my life - and would absolutely do it again if I needed to help them again! My point is, I just kinda started going through the motions of life, and not really making time to do the things that light my life up.

My Therapist encouraged me to make a list of 9 items that I miss doing and then add an item that I would love to do, but never had. Brilliant.

Run & workout with my trainer

Scrapbook (its been almost a year since I made a 'real' scrapbook page

Work on my Photography

Spend more time at my Store

Cook & Eat Clean

Read Books (last year I read less than 5 books, all year!)

Volunteer at Picture Parent & March of Dimes

Get back into a Life Group at Church

Write More Letters & Cards 

Learn Upholstery 

This is my list. My 9 to do + 1 to learn. I am working on making goals and time lines for these items. But honestly? I think this list is a true representation of things I truly want to do and learn. To be busy without just being busy, you know? 

How about you? As an adult, have you reevaluated what you are doing or not doing? Maybe its time to set a new goal and get to working towards it.

God Bless the USA

Happy July 4th! I hope you are enjoying this day with those you love!

God Bless America!