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14 January 2015

(This has nothing to do with being creative. I just needed to blog my heart and get some stuff out of my system. Not interested? Thats ok)

I am sitting here this morning thinking about how life changes.

I am one week away from the anniversary of my Momma passing.

Grief is such a funny thing. It is so up and down..and just when you feel like you have it under control, BAM. It smacks you in the face.

My family has 'made it' through all the first holidays, birthdays, and births. Actually, I think we handled all of those milestones with the grace and peace that would have made my Momma proud.

Remember me telling you about my dad having a girlfriend? Well after thoughtful prayer and time, they have decided to get married. And that's a good thing.

On Monday, though, it hit me. My dad will be moving in with Shirley once they are married. And the days of just walking into my parents home are gone.

I stopped by to see my dad (he was at Shirley's house) and I had to ring the doorbell.

A small thing but it was something I have never had to do before to see my dad. Before, all I did was just walk in. It was home, after all. Once Dad moves, the last piece of the life we had with Momma will be gone.

Not going to lie. It hurt to breath on Monday.

I cried myself to sleep Monday evening. It felt good to cry, to get it all out.

Tuesday I woke up and the pain was less. I know things change, and good can come from change.

It's just hard sometimes. 

01 January 2015


What a year.

A year of loss...grieving...and uncertainty.   It was a year of figuring out a new normal.

But it was also a year of learning. A year of celebrations with friends who also family. A year of traveling to new places and going back home.

It was a year of focusing on our family and the everyday.

2014 is a year I will never forget.

Happy New Year, friends! I cannot wait to see what 2015 brings!

31 December 2014

One Little Word. 

Most of you have heard of Ali Edwards 'One Little Word' before, right? You pick a word and truly focus on it for the next 365 days. You live it. You meditate on it. You see where your word takes you.

For the past few years, I have picked one word to submerge myself in...to focus on and explore. In the past, I have chosen the words: still, downsize, anchor, and last year I chose shine

This years word has been difficult in choosing. I have listened and thought about other words - but nothing really hit home. Nothing hit that sweet spot of knowing that.was.the.word.

Until today and it hit me. 

Yes. I will focus on being in a state of peaceful happiness. I can do that.

I need to do that.  

To be more aware of the blessings around me...and to not stress about my future. Being content doesn't mean I won't dream of nice things. It means I will be thankful for what I do have and be patient for what God wants for me next.

I also want to be content with who I am - and with who I am not. I so struggle with my self esteem. This year I will focus on loving me.

How about you? Have you chosen 'One Little Word' for 2015? What does it mean to you?

Want to hear more about One Little Word™? Check out Ali Edwards Blog for more details!

25 December 2014