02 December 2014

An Epic Long Dec. Daily

I wanted to pop in and share the foundation pages I have pre-made for my December Daily. Normally I do not prep any pages for a mini album, but for December Daily I know that for me to succeed with it, I must prepare in advance.

Today I am sharing my cover and the first 15 days of December. You will notice that not every pocket is filled...and not every page is done. That is intentional. I wanted to get just enough of a beginning started for each day that all I have to do is print the photo, journal, and add any final touches. The bulk of the page is started - I just need to finish it.

This is going to be an epic post in length, so grab a coke and settle in.

Here we go.

Front Cover

This is my cover. The album I am using is a winter white and while the color is beautiful, I wanted a pop of color for my album. After hitting my local fabric store, I went home and sewed a band that will slide off and on. Add a ruffle and a piece of green velvet, and it now has just enough color. 

Close up of fabric on cover

Spine of album

For the spine of the album, I kept it simple by just adding a wooden P (for my last name) along with red 2014 stickers. 

Intro Page

For my intro page, I decided to use a WRMK 4x4 page protector with a piece of polka dot vellum. A tag that was diecut, a little bit of stitching and holly embellishment, and done. I love how it is a different size than the next page - allowing a bit to peep through. Right now, the back of my intro page is blank - I suspect I will add another photo of our family, or maybe one of our dogs. Not sure just yet.

Full Page Intro

This page is the actual intro page. The journal card at the top is from Ali Edwards December Daily Kit and the photo at the bottom is my family.

 Dec 1 

December 1 page is for our Christmas Tree. I am planning on including a 4x6 of us selecting our tree (bottom left), and a full 6x8 of our tree all decorated. Where the green 1 is, I will secure it down on a journal card and journal around the number.

 Dec 2

December 2 is going to be a special day - its the day that my newest niece is going to be born! To celebrate that, I added in some pink and lots of hearts. I have a place for a 6x8 photo, a 4x6 photo as well as a empty pocket for memorabilia from the hospital. On the journal card with the plaid, I added a felt heart stapled. My plan is to add the babies name + vital statistics to the bottom of the card. I have a stack of extra clear page protectors so if I need or want to add more photos here, I can.

Dec 3 & 4

For pages 3 and 4, I have left the pages pretty blank. Dec 3 is marked with a extra large gold 3, from Ali Edwards. I have the number just dropped in the page protector for now. The other pockets are blank. Not sure what story I want to include here.

On page 4, I have made a shaker pocket, with a wooden 4 that is painted red and sequins. I have also slipped in some blank journal cards. Again, not sure what will go here, so I have left it fairly generic for now.

Dec 5 & 6

December 5 is for our Elf on the Shelf. I heat embossed a wooden 5 and added enamel dots. You can see the backside of Day 4's sequin pocket, I have also added a card and wooden veneer piece. The veneer isn't glued down just yet - that will come later. The other pocket is empty (you can see the backside of Day 4's card). I will add a 3x4 photo in that pocket.

Day 6 is a homemade page, not in a protector. I took a 6x8 vellum sheet, and added shipping tags that are only attached at the end. They can be lifted up to add photos while I include journaling on the front. I attached this page to my album with a die from Studio Calico that is made to attach papers to an album. The holes are spaced perfectly so its a no brainer.

Dec 7 & 8

A simple gold doily and a wooden 7 that has been covered in white flakes (not sure what its called....its like glitter but bigger flakes). Day 8 was made using my Silhouette machine and a cut file from their store. Add in some gold letters, and done. 

Dec 9 & 10

My dad is going to be Santa at the Museum this year, and I have dedicated day 9 for the photos and story. I have slipped in a wooden 9 and also a felt Santa. Lots of space to add words and photos.

Back of Dec 9 & Dec 10

I have left extra space for lots of photos on day 9. If I don't need all the space I can always add filler cards. We will see - not sure how many I will have.

December 10 features a wooden veneer number 10. I have embossed it with gold embossing powder. Can we just all agree that gold embossing rocks? #agreed

Dec 11 & 12

A Merry and Bright card and a coordinating journal card are all I have for day 11. I will need to slip in a number (maybe include it on the blank journal card?). You can also see the backside of the felt Santa. Not sure how I feel about that, but we will see how it all plays out when the time comes.

My Birthday is on the 12th, so I know this day will have lots of things to include. To highlight the day, I have attached a polka dot bag to the front of a transparency from Ali Edwards. For the day, I have spelled out the number twelve, using gold glitter Thickers. My thoughts are that I will use the bag to include extra things - photos, recipes, etc- from my birthday.

You can't really see it, but I have included an empty 2-4x6 photo protector to add more photos from my birthday.

Backside of Dec 12 & 13

The backside of (for now) empty page protectors - but will either have photos or words...or maybe a cut out? I have filled the bottom of the 2-4x6 with a tag sewn to a piece of pattern paper.

For the 13, I embossed a wooden 13 with white embossing powder then backed it with a red circle. Easy. Lots of room for journaling or photo or maybe a combo of both.

Dec 14 - two page 

For December 14, I am leaving the backside of the 13th empty. Thinking I will add a large photo. On the other side, I have slipped in a wooden 'Ho Ho Ho'. Its hard to see, but there is a )for now) empty 4x6 photo protector on top of the of the metal 14. I have sewn a striped border to a clear overlay to add to whatever photos I include.  Behind the clear protector are 2-3x4 pockets. I have slipped in a card with a tag sewn to it for journaling.

Backside of Dec 14 & 15

And finally...we have December 15. For the 15th, I am going to use the backside of the 14th for photos and journaling. Then on the other side I have sewn a paper pocket - maybe to stick more photos in, or maybe a letter. I don't know yet. The number 15 is gold chipboard from Ali Edwards.

And there you have it. Did you make it all the way through?? Ha. Lots of photos and its only the first half of the month. I will have another post later in the month with the other pages.

I will be back later this week to share the first few days. Today my twin brother and his beautiful wife are having their first baby, so I am going to be wrapped up in all things sweet today. I cannot wait to meet my newest niece. Say a prayer for them if you get a chance!

So have you shared your pages yet? Leave a link to them in the comments and I will leave you some love!

01 December 2014

Can you believe its the first of December? How did this happen? Wasn't it just July or something?


With the first of December comes the month long project of December Daily. Every day for the month of December many of those in the Scrapbook world participate in documenting our lives, daily, as we approach Christmas. It's not about documenting the big things in December - though you certainly can do that - its about reflecting on the small moments that make up the holiday season.

I have completed my album cover + have been preparing some of my pages ahead of time.  Tomorrow morning I will photograph my cover and foundation pages and share them here on my blog. I can't wait to share with you what my plan is for this album! Hopefully I will have these ready for my blog later today or Tuesday.

Are you participating in December Daily? Link your pages in my comment section so I can check out what you're doing!

Have a great day!

27 November 2014

08 November 2014

Ugh. Its been one of those days. 

Honestly? The only thing going for me tonight is the 3 other people in my home are not upset with me. 

Everyone else? Well let's just say that is not the case.

Tomorrow is another day and another chance to do better and another chance to be gentle with  myself. 

06 November 2014

The Fall Edition - Project Life Freebies

With a new month comes a reason for new (free!) Project Life cards. I am focusing on free Fall, Thanksgiving, and cards with gratitude.

Feel free to follow the links and grab the free downloads.

The fine print: This list is in no-way all inclusive. I have tried to check all the links I have included to verify they are truly free but in the case I missed one, let me know so I can delete it from my list! Also, this will be a 'running' list of sorts. My plan is to have a freebie post every week to showcase other, new freebies that I have found. Also, go leave these creative people some love & thank them for the freebies. They worked hard to create these & unselfishly give them out for free. Oh, and these are not for resell or copying. And, as always, give the creator of the wonderful stuff you download credit. 

Up first is a great gratitude free printable from Shana Noel. I so love these colors & the sentiments are spot on for the month of November.

2. Harper Finch has shared some super adorable Thanksgiving Project Life cards on her blog this weekend. Whimsical and cute, they are sure to make you grin!  

3. Vintage Glam Studio has shared these sweet journaling  cards and tags.

4.  How adorable are these cards from Paper Crafts Magazine? Those antlers are super cute, don't you think? 

5. Last but definitely not lease are these absolutely perfect Fall cards from One Happy Mama. The colors. The graphics. I love them all! I definitely will be printing out some of these for my November Project Life. 

Interested in even more Project Life freebies I have found? Check out here, here, here and here for even more awesome printables that I have found on the web!  

04 November 2014

March Project Life - Part 1

Know that feeling where a project seems like it.will.never.end?

Yeah, I am so there with photographing my Project Life layouts. Oh well. This is what I get for letting them all pile up on me.

Lesson learned.

Today I sharing my part one of March 2014 layouts. Our March was incredibly busy with tons of travel, so I am going to break the March PL layouts into multiple posts.

Let's get started!

(Front and Back side of 1st page, Type G Protector, trimmed down)

This first spread is all about our 10 year anniversary. Alex bought me a new diamond ring (!!) and the journaling is about how our love has grown. 

(First full size layout, Right and Left side. Protector Type A)

This set of layouts are about a trip to Lake Charles to see our family. Oh how I miss them all! (I have removed an insert with all the private journaling as I know I have a few 'lookers' who stop by to keep tabs on whats going on in my life). 

(second full size layout, Right and Left side using type A protectors)

This is the first half of March Project Life - spring break. In the next installment of my March PL will be a trip to Las Vegas. Fun times :) 

The second installment in my March PL will be here on the blog later in the week so make sure you stop back by! 

03 November 2014

Remember a few weeks ago I shared a Workplace Wednesday post with a sneak of a mini album? No? Here is the sneak.

Are we all caught up now?


Well I have finished the 'mini' album, but in reality it isn't an album at all! Its actually a journal book of sorts that I throw into my purse and keep all things Christmas-y related in.

Gift Lists. Who is getting a Christmas Card. Grocery Lists.

It all goes in.

It's not fancy nor does it need to be. It's practical. And kinda cute ;)

It's actually made out of stuff I had laying around my studio. The base is chipboard sheets and the interior pages are made from heavy card stock (from somewhere like Target).  For the front embellishments I raided my craft closet and found things I liked that didn't scream Christmas.

I like things that 'whisper' Christmas ;).

I have included an envelope on the inside of the cover to stick in receipts so they will be easy to find later on.

The book has three sections: gifts, cards, and an extra section. Grocery lists, notes, things like that will find themselves in the extra section.

I have bound it all together with two metal rings. This allows me to add or take papers out if need be. 

Tie is all up with a black ribbon and its ready to be thrown into my purse for a day of holiday shopping! 

Thats it. Simple, cheap and ready to help me get organized for the holiday season.