Happy Wednesday!

So happy today is Wednesday! This has been a looooong week - we've had tempatures over 110 and now a water leak in the upstairs - Friday can't come soon enough!

I have 'officially' killed my Lawn Party kit from Studio Calico! I am so happy! I *think* I might have 2 whole sheets of paper left, but I will add those to my stash for later. I have created over 10 layouts with this kit, and that makes me happy! What makes you happy?!!

These layouts make me incredibly happy as well...each one for their own reason! The last two - the ones with Alex and my Dad with Marcy - these I just love. I have such a hard time scrapbooking Marcy, that when I do, it just makes my heart happy.
I am scrapbooking today. I will be finishing up a thrift store find re-do. It's cute, if I say so myself!


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