Its 9:47 am

So its 9:47 am and I can already tell its going to be 'one of those' days. Sigh. And it totally my fault.  The boys are leaving for the month of July tomorrow, so I really wanted to have these last days as ones filled with fun and laughter. Things have been kinda heavy here lately and I am just ready for it all to lighten up.

I have learned a hard lesson yesterday. One that I will make sure never happens again. No, I am not going to share the lesson I have learned, but just know, that there is going to be a bunch of changes coming in the way I view this hobby of mine.

Ok, enough gloom and doom. I have the power to change my day and right now, I am changing it. Remember I told you I had more to share? Well, that goes for today as well! (and ha! I just realized I shared the same two layouts twice. Thats the blonde in me!) So, with that....I present more layouts! :)

This page just makes my heart smile. John was in 1st grade and they had a play where he got to be a penguin. These photos were sitting in a pile, I was not sure how to scrapbook them. But then my Studio Calico Lawn Party kit had this cute orange polka dot paper in it, and it was all I could think about!

 This card was for my niece Jogail. She was home last week without her sister and I thought she could use some mail. Too bad I forgot to stick some $$ in there. Maybe next time :)
Ha! My daddy sitting in our hottub. He cracks me up :) This is sooo him.

 Back in April, we went back home to Lousinia to see my grandmother. Gosh I miss her. Growing up, we moved a bunch, and since graduating, my parents have sold that house as well. So this is home to me. I love being there & am glad we went back to see her.
This is MeeMaw, Alex's grandma. She had dementia really bad and can no longer remember who we are. Its hard. Really hard. My heart breaks for Alex because he sometimes viewed MeeMaw as a Mom.

I love these photos. They were taken on the lawn of the old historic Library, here in Amarillo. Ben loves history and I wanted to document it. These photos catured Ben perfectly at twelve: book in hand, happy. This page isn't technically perfect but oh how I love this page. 

A couple of these the lighting is bad...and I know I should fix it, but not today. I have just decided we are going on a field trip today. That will be fun :)


  1. i really love all of these pages and think i'd like to lift a few. hope your day got better, thanks for sharing such great inspiration!

  2. What an awesome bunch of LOs! Welcome to the PI Team!


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