Living The Good Life

Life has been good here. We took our mini vacation to Dallas (GO RANGERS!!), then came home and gotten into the groove of summer.

It's been nice.

I have been scrapbooking like a mad woman - I have, like, 14 layouts to post here! We have been eating snow cones, sleeping late, baking cookies, and hanging at the pool.

Life has been good.

BUT now the boys are leaving for camp and then to spend the entire month of July with their dad. So that means more scrapping and blogging for me. I will miss them like crazy, but I would be lying if I said that I don't somewhat enjoy have some peace and quiet around here.

Hey, I am hosting a 'Kit Killer' Challenge over on the Studio Calico website. You should come over and play. There are a bunch of women getting pages made in anticipation of the kit coming out on Monday. I am debating on making it a regular monthly challenge. What do you think? This week alone, I bet I have made 8 layouts. It's fun sitting down, getting things made, and feeling accomplished.

This is the first layout I made this week. I love it. The story behind this page is that on Sunday (Father's Day) I was feeling kinda mopey for Alex. I know he dreads Fathers Day because of not having Marcy with that night, we were talking (ok. I was crying) and he said he didn't understand why today had to be the only Fathers Day. He told me that the day he really, really got to hold Marcy in the NICU (it was dress up day) - that was the day he would always consider his Fathers Day. He said he could never be more proud of her than he was that day....

Seriously, that right there is why I love him so much. This photo in the layout isn't the best...the NICU had really bad lighting...but this photo just melts my heart.

This page is for my Daddy.:) My dad is like most men, and was afraid to hold Marcy when she was in the NICU. At just over three pounds, he was afraid he would hurt her. When we finally got him to snuggle with her and hold her, she wrapped him around her little fingers. He was happy and sooo in love with her!

That's all for tonight-I will share my other layouts tomorrow. My goal is to have them all posted here before the new kit goes on sale! We will see!

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  1. You are giving me hope that I can kill a kit someday! Great job!


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