Pinterest & a DIY Project

So, I am guessing you know about the website, Pinterest. I love pinning...I could spend the whole day pinning goodies I have found on the web! Very addicting, that website is!

On day, while playing around on Pinterest, I saw this amazing homemade 3-tiered tray/organizer.
Lovely, huh? There is a how-to, found here. Well, me being me, decided to make my own, using what I had (or what I could find cheap). After some searching, I headed to Walmart with a goal of recreating this lovely organizer, for less than 10 bucks.

And I was successful! Where's what I found: two clear glass candle holders (2.97 each on clearance) and then for the metal trays, I found two Pyrex bowls. Now, I would have rathered had the metal vintage-y trays like my inspiration, but there were none to be found. The cost for my Pyrex in all, was $9...and I already had one at home. So, in all, I was over my ten buckaroos budget by a smidge, but, I am OK with it! The final product:

What do you think? I like them. Not too big, not too small. I used Gorilla glue to glue them like a charm.

That's all for today :) We are leaving early this morning for Six Flags....should be fun. And hot. And more fun :) Hopefully I will have lots of photos to share when I get home!

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