Five of Friday

Happy Friday! Today we are getting the boys ready to go to their dad's for the month of July (yes, I have been teary eyed all day!). We are also heading over to see Ben at his Boy Scout camp. After a very rocky start because of temps of 117 degrees, he will be finishing his camp just a bit later than first thought. Alex has taken the day off to hang out with us & to help me get the boys ready. Gosh, I love him.

Back to my Five on Friday. I am thinking this will end up being a regular feature on my blog. This week my five will be things I have pinned on Pintrest that I love. Here goes:

1. This layout, by Luz Maria, is so pretty! I love the colors! I will definately be using this color scheme for a layout soon!

2 . This poster says it all.
 a wise person knows whether or not to say it.

3. This outfit is making me smile. Minus the stripe bag. :) Since I already own the shoes and pants, I am thinking I might be able to wear this sometime soon!
Subtle Patriotic - Polyvore

4. Tuscan Garlic Chicken. I think this will be made this coming week for Alex and I. Here's the how-to.

 Tuscan Garlic Chicken

5. This is the bathroom of my dreams. Seriously. I love everything about it. The vintage-ness of it. The colors. The tile. I have had dreams about this bathroom!
Country-style ice cream-coloured bathroom | Bathrooms design ideas 2010 | Bathr

Thats all for now, my friends. I have some happy scrappy news to share, but I have to get the green light first! Maybe if you stop by on Saturday I can spill the beans then!


  1. I can't wait to hear your news! Exciting! Great pinterest stuff. That bathroom is very cute indeed! And I am glad your son is doing well at camp!

  2. I LOVE Pinterest! And that sign for number two is something I definitely should pin.
    I am learning that there are times I should just keep my mouth shut (lol)

  3. Oh I love that bathroom too! The colors are perfection!!

  4. I'm looking forward to working with you on the PI team!!

  5. love {love} your #2 inspiration print! and really happy to be working with you on the PI creative team!

  6. Can't wait to create with you at PI! You've picked some wonderful things this Friday.

  7. So glad to be creating with you on the PI team!

  8. hi Melissa! Love that smart/wise person poster!!!


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