Five on Friday

Hey y'all! Hope you're week is going well! My week flew right by me...not sure where it went! The boys are home for a quick week-end visit, per the divorce decree. Love having them at home. And technically John isn't at home...he is at his best friend's house, but you get my point.

Today's Friday Five are going to be links to decorating blogs I read on a daily basis. I am an Interior Designer by schooling, and I love to dream about interiors. I am also cheap, as in a cheap-o, so I am usually trying to find a cheaper way to achieve the look I want.

1. Thrifty Decor Chick - seriously. I love this blog. Always my first on the favorites list. Not only is she smart, she is funny. AND she loves Dave Ramsey like we do.

2. The Nesting Place - this blog is all about thrifting and making do with what you have. Love that. She isn't afraid to be bold and mix patterns either. She's a hero. :)

3. Knock Off Decor - now I love Pottery Barn. And Pottery Barn loves me. My husband's wallet does not like Pottery Barn though. That is where Knock Off  Decor comes in. This blog is FULL of DIY goodies that you can do yourself on the cheap & it look like PB.

4. Eighteen25 - enough said. Everyone knows about eighteen25, and I love it for all the fun crafts and tutorials she features. In fact, next week I will be 'knocking off' a project from her blog. Any guesses as to which one it will be? If you can guess it, I will give you a buck (only kidding. Remember? I am cheap. I will tell you 'great job' though)

5. House of Smiths - this blog is tutorial heaven. And not only does she give you great tutorials, she provides awesome photos. Love how creative this blog is!

Well there you have it. My Offical Five on Friday for this week is complete. You should go check out the blogs - I know you will love them as much as I do. And because it just feels so incredibly wrong not to include a photo in my blog post, I will leave you with a photo from our 4th of July trip to the lake,

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