Five On Friday

Happy Friday!! I am really excited that today is Friday! How about you?! Yeah, that's what I thought: you like Friday just as much as I do.

For today's Five on Friday post, I am going to tell you five things about me that I bet you don't know.

1. I am a twin. I have a twin brother, who is a mere 4 minuets older than I am. I love this. And yep! We totally have that whole 'twin intuition' thing going. And nope. We are not identical (you would not believe how many people ask me if me and my brother are identical. Hmmm, hello. He's a boy & I am obviously not).

2. I ride a Harley Davidson. Alex and I bought one last year & we ride it together. A bunch. I am definitely not a biker chic (I am waaaay too uncool for that), but I do enjoy riding it.We are planning on riding to Sturgis, SD in 22 days. Sturgis is 14 hours away from my house. Its going to be a long trip. We are riding up there with another couple that we are close friends with. Should be fun!

3. I only drink Coke. Not Dr. Pepper. No diet junk for me. Only pure & original coke, poured over ice. Oh, and I have to have a straw. My granny is the same way, so I am assuming its hereditary.

4. I love to read books. Alex bought me a Kindle a while ago, and I won't use it. I l love turning the pages of a great read.

5. I used to live in Russia. For real. I was an exchange student and I lived in a little village called Pollusk. Pollusk is close to Kalliningrad on the map. I was only 15 was I then I went overseas for the first time, alone. Fun times!

That's all for now! Its 2am as I type this. Insomnia is rearing its ugly head again. The good news? I created a layout tonight using a great sketch. I will share it soon!

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