Sweet Treats

Happy (almost) Friday, y'all! I am finally up and around today - I am have a summer cold that was horrible for the first part of the week. Why is it that summer colds are always h-e-double hockey sticks to get rid of? I *almost* would have rather died. Almost.

Today though? I am 100% better. And being crafty! Lucky you! This week over on the Paper Issues blog, we are working with ideas along the theme of 'Life Is Sweet'. Fun topic, huh? I thought so, too! There are some amazing projects over on the blog - you should go check them out. My creations are some that I had been wanting to make for some time now & finally had a reason to make them. My son, Ben, actuallty helped me make our Mr. Owl. We used my Silhouette and some basic circle punches. SO MUCH FUN! So, you are asking how this is considered under the title of Life Is Sweet. Well, Mr. Owl is stuffed with candy! He is a perfect holder of any small candy as he is made out of a pillowbox.

While playing around in my scraproom today, I also had an idea to put the empty adheasive refill plastic to good use. Add some Basic Grey stickers and Skittles to the mix, and this is what came of it:
I apologize for the glare, but this absolutely no way to photo this candy box (its plastic) without the glare. This turned out sooo cute in person. My plan is to start saving these little plastic packaging from my American Craft glue runners and make little gifts for all the kids in John's class for their birthday. Cute - check! Inexpensive - check! Quick - check! Sounds like a plan to me!

Thanks for stopping by today! It's been fun having you here! I have one more project to share tomorrow for Paper Issues...it involves more candy! Seeing a theme, here??!!  I will also be sharing my Five on Friday. Any themes you would like me to cover?? Leave a comment and we will see what I can do! 


  1. I love owls! So cute!

    And what a genius idea for the old packaging! :o)

  2. this owl makes me smile- even if this is the one word I cant pronounce right...( i say owel like vowel...) and love your recycled idea too. so clever.

  3. Love the owl and how you have re-purposed the plastic.
    Great to see you at Paper Issues and look forward to seeing lots more of your awesome work!


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