Hey y'all! Sorry it have been so long since my last post. It was totally not my  intention to get away from the computer for over a week. *gasp* A week since I have posted on my favorite forums. A week without facebook, really. A week without twitter. No, I wasn't traveling though I wish I had been). I was sick.

Like, I would rather die than live, sick. It started out as a simple gallbladder attack. Never had one? Count your lucky stars. It's right up there with natural child birth, without the joy of bringing a baby home. I literally could not hold my head up without throwing up & don't get me started on the pain. Ugggh.

Anyway, turns out, after the kind Doctor running some tests, it was not my gallbladder after all. No, I have the joy of have ulcers. Very painful ulcers. I am finally back to my old self...now I just have to take a pill to help. And boy, does it help. :)
Tomorow I have a layout to post here, so come back and see me! Have a great week, friends!

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