5 On Friday (the wordy edition!)

Im sitting here, typing this post, multitasking.

I am eating Captain Crunch (I forgot how good it is!).
I am downloading photos.
I have a mini daushound on my lap.
Oh, and I have a cough that won't go away. lol

Today has been one of those days where its just overwhelming what I need to get done. Some of it will get done, while most will just left behind. And I am learning to be ok with that.

On to my Five on Friday.....the theme is 'what I've been doing':

1. I have started running again. Nothing long distance, mind you. But I am *trying* to get moving more. It's hard when you're shy (I can be) and very uncordinated (yep, thats me). But I have completed my Couch To 5 K workout everyday this week. Im debating on redoing the first week, just because I feel like I am *finally* kicking its....ya you know...lol!

2. I have worked on a few layouts...can't share them just yet. But one of them I love.love.love.

3. I have also been cordinating with a few of my scrappy idols on a giveaway. Let's just say a Studio Calico giftcard is involved - as well as helping people half away across the world have access to clean water. Win, win. Let's just say that my giveaway has to do with this:

4. I have a blog hop coming up too. It's with Paper Issues. I will post more details about it soon! And speaking of Paper Issues....I have another 'school' related project brewing in my head. It involved an apple and a leaf. LOL

5. I have been volunteering at the March of Dimes. We are having our annual black tie event in about 6 weeks (gasp!) and our family has been chosen to be featured during that night, in hopes that our story about prematurity and infant loss will inspire others to donate to the March of Dimes. Im scared. And nervous. And I have been shopping for a new cocktail dress. Anyone have a link to a great online store? LOL

Have a blessed Friday! The boys are off to their dads, so it is just Alex and I this weekend. We will be spending quality time cleaning the house for the start of our new Life Group (for Church). This semester our group will be focusing on having a blessed marriage. I. AM. EXCITED.

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  1. Talbot's has some really pretty dresses out right now... I'm sure you'll do great at the gala!


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