Decrapification (again) - Photo Heavy

First of all, Happy Halloween! Hope your Halloween has been scary. spooky. Delightful!

Remember when, awhile back, I had my first scrapbook room 'decrapification'? Yeah, well, it was time for another one! This time, though, I did not paint anything or buy any new furniture. I just rearranged what I had (in some cases) and got rid of a whole bunch of crapola.

Before we begin the tour, let me warn you. My room isn't fancy. Or big. Or matchy matchy. If that is what you are wanting to see, then this isn't the place for you! However if you do want to see some real life storage solutions - coming from a girl on a budget, then sit tight!

My room is small. Real small. Maybe 8x8 and two of the walls have doors on them (yeah, big pain when it comes to laying out a furniture arrangement). My scrapbook tables were built on the cheap - Lowes clearance laminate tops and 4x4 posts that I painted black, then distressed. Less than $50 bucks in all. My floors are stained concrete that came with the house. I would love to have hardwood like the rest of our house does, these are great for cleaning up painting/misting mishaps.

Now on to the photos!

This is looking into my scrapbook room, coming into the room from the Laundry room. I have a 'L' shaped desk where I work.

(wall 1)

I use black baskets to hold on the top shelf: vintage items, chipboard alphabets, and loose ribbon. And on the middle shelf: brads, chipboard & wooden embellishments and regular alphabets. Behind my heart banner are turquoise Mason jars holding thread and buttons that been sorted by color. See the yellow metal bread box? That holds all of my embellishments that are flat (stickers, rubons, etc). I have them sorted by brand. Shelf three holds my sewing machine (I made a cover for it!), magazines and books. The bottom shelf holds photos and other books.

After we installed my desk, I realized that I was going to need more storage. The solution? Add a shelf underneath my desk, and use it to hold all my baskets & paper. You can see in the bottom photo that I have my cardstock sorted, kinda, by color. All of my pattern paper is stored in a single paper holder, by manufacture. It works for me. The long wire basket on the floor serves as a catch all for my scraps. One bin for pattern paper scraps, the other for cardstock scraps. When I just need a little piece of paper, I 'shop' from the scrap basket first. My boys also have have reign over the scrap box. If its in there, then they can have it to cut up.

(wall 2)

I forgot to take a photo of above my tabletop, where you can see everything on the wall. Ooops. Moving on...

FYI - I keep a metal ring of all cards with all the punches I own. I use this as a reference when I am trying to figure out what punch to use. I plan to also do this with my mists and Mister Hueys.

Above my tabletop, I use curtain rods to hold my punches with levers. My border punches are in a basket on my shelf underneath my desk.

I made this little cutie out of an old metal car part display from a thrift store. I just painted it up and added a strip of fabric and letters for the word create. I store my embellishments from the Studio Calico kit that I am working on at the time.

Below my thrift store find, I keep a basket to hold my pattern papers, Thickers and taller embellishments from the kit I am working with. Scraps from this kit also go into the basket. I rotate these kits out as I finish with them. Below my tabletop is a multitude of goodies.

Underneath this side of my table, I store embossing powders, mini brads (in canning jars!), and vintage locker baskets holding punches & odds and ends. I have an old wooden library drawer that I painted back to hold my mists, paint daubers and Mister Hueys. I also store my clear/cling stamps in a notebook on this shelf.

Moving along wall #2, I have a chicken wire bulletin board. I just stapled the wire to my wall, then trimmed it out with inexpensive molding. Paint and then distress. In no time, a cute bulletin board was created!

This is a jacked up photo, but this is wall #3. This wall is opposite of my green wall.

This is further down the wall with a door. I have old wooden milk creates secured to the wall. They hold twine, milk glass jars holding journaling cards, large stamps, ink, glitter, etc. The stamp shelf was made for me by my daddy. The back chest was found at a local boutique. Its hard to see, but the drawers have large numbers on them. LOVE. Inside the numbered drawers I keep glue, envelopes and all sorts of random items.

 This is the final wall. On this wall is a door that goes to the rest of my home. I have used a curtain rod to display layouts, and a metal bucket with loose trims and ribbons. Underneath the rod is a stool for when my boys want to come talk to me while I create. Many good conversations have been had on this stool. Of course, I have recovered it to match my room. The plastic box on top of the stool is where my layouts go until I blog them.

Well, that is pretty much it. LOL Sorry for the photo heavy post! I hope this all made sense & gave you some ideas of what you could do on the cheap in your space!

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  1. um, yeah, so I think I need less stuff, LOL. Your room looks awesome! Seriously! So tidy and not stuffed, LOve that. My blog is

  2. Your room looks lovely! I don't have a blog yet, maybe I should start one? Thanks for sharing!

  3. So jealous of your scrap room here! It's so organized and you have so many vintage pieces to keep your goodies in. Love the punches on a ring idea. I'll definitely have to do that for my punches and mists.

  4. wow your room looks fab- mine is all packed away in boxes at the mo as we are moving my fingers are all ready itchy xxx

  5. oh im all ready a follower xxxx

  6. WOW for a small room you sure pack a lot in, it is truly fabulous i really love it. I have been meaning to do that for AGES with the punched images. Though i have been good and have done it for inks and mists :) Im a follower now , thanks for the chance :)

  7. Lots and lots of great storage and fun stuff in your room!! :)

  8. Your room looks great-I especially like the idea of the punch samples on the binder ring! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I think your room looks great - and certainly I would not have guessed it was so small based on the photos. And it is so neat! Mine is bigger (and probably colder, which is it's biggest problem) and much more full of stuff - it handles all the hobbies for the whole family, although I'm the one in it the most). Enjoy your fresh new look!

    My blog is linked in my id above, but here it is again:

  10. I love your scraproom! I have a hard time with furniture too, my room is long and skinny. I love the way you display completed layout by hanging them on the curtain rod.

  11. Your room looks great! Some fun storage ideas!

  12. Your room looks great! Love the chest with the numbers on the drawers! I don't have a blog, but enjoyed looking at yours!


    Tammy V.

  13. Well, it may be small, but it is amazing! I love it :)

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  15. How fun -- thanks for the room tour. I love to see how other folks organize their spaces! Thanks for the chance at these two awesome giveaways! You had me at hello, um, I mean, at BNIP stamps -- be still my heart! :)

  16. Thanks for the tour! I love the way you have the room organized! I don't have a blog, but still wanted to comment. You really should come on one of the Scrappin Daisy retreats! They are so much fun! Thanks again! Deena

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    And oh, your room really looks so fabulous!

  19. your room is absolutely awesome! You are so organized.


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