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***edited to add: we are still trying to get ahold of the winner of my giveaway! I have sent an email to her but got no response! Check your spam folder if your name is Lori! Or send me an email at: mpriest@clearwire.net. If I haven't heard from her by friday, I will be forced to draw again!

Hey friends! How's life treating you? Things are good here, though there was a point last week that I thougth I was going to lose my mind! A friend had borrowed my camera and something happened and it got broke. *GASP* I cried over it - yes, I can admit that! After talking with Canon, it didnt look like it could be repaired. Thankfully, my friend replaced it. I got my new bad boy on Thursday and have back in the photo taking mode again! Yay!!!

And in other news....One of my friends & her husband went from this.....

to this....

And I could not be happier! Seiously, this little sweetheart has me wrapped around her long, beautiful fingers! I cannot wait to know her personality and see her grow!

Heck, I have even scrapbooked her already! Here is a sneak!

Have a beautiful Sunday, friends! Today we are headed to church and then home to get ready for Ben to get braces tomorrow!


  1. Hi Melissa, I've been waiting for your e-mail and realized it may have gone to my SPAM. Thanks for reminding me, I meant to send you a post earlier. Here is my email again in case I missed typed it: stokeswright@gmail.com and my blog: http://creativepapermyway.blogspot.com/ Sorry, I checked my spam but didn't see anything that looked like a real person was sending it. ~smiles~

  2. Excuse my hurried typing errors above, heehee. What a doll your little 'niece' is. Great before and after photos!


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