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So, I have decided to join in the fun of Project Life. For those who don't know what PL is, you can read about it here. In a nutshell, you document your life - the day to day stuff - on a weekly basis & then it all goes in one album. For me, PL is going to be taking a snapshot of our week in general and documenting it. Some weeks will have more photos and details (as we are busier some weeks!) and others will show the basic routines of our lives.

I cannot wait!

I have enjoyed seeing others PL albums, but knew I wouldnt/couldn't commit to taking a photo For this to work for me, the key was allowing myself flexability to add more or put less into each week. As long as I am doing something - anything - then I will call this a sucess. I don't want to focus on the HUGE fact that this is a year long commitment. I am focusing on this week & documenting it. Next week, I will think about next week. I *know* I would be overwhelmed by looking at the large view of this, so I am thinking small + doable.

So how am I going to make this work? The nitty gritty is this: My PL 'week' will run Monday-Sunday. I will spend Monday printing my photos & doing the previous weeks journaling. I am going to be mainly using supplies I already have (specifically, Studio Calico kits) but I also bought a PL Cobalt Core Kit to suppliment my stash. Since I don't want my album to be all matchy, I am A-OK with mixing product. I figure by the time the end of 52 weeks comes, it will all flow together. I will be using style A photo page protectors. Right now, I only have one small package of them & they are out of stock on Amazon. Word is they will be back in stock at the beginning of Feb. Let's hope.

I spent about an hour yesterday, mixing + matching Studio Calico papers until I came up with my cover spread. I went neutral for this page, as I hope it will be a nice way to start my album. Calm. Uncluttered. I like this.
So there you have it. My cover spread & some short thoughts on Project Life. If you are interested in knowing more, check out Becky Higgins website. There is a ton of information out there, just be careful & not overwhelm yourself!

I am going to be linking this post up to the Paper Issues "We've Got Your Number" challenge! Stop by there and see all of love for numbers going on over there!

Here is a list of the supplies I've used so far for my album!

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  1. Looks great! I love the family photos! Amazing!!!! I'm joining as well- I can't afford a kit for it this year so I'll struggle a bit until I get my bearing using machine stitched pages but I think this is a great challenge and I love the idea to try to capture each day with just 1 photo- makes for great creative shooting!


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