What I love Wednesday

....is that it is Alex & I are relaxing (and slightly intoxicated!) on New Years Eve! Alex never  lets go and just lets life happen. With his job, he is on call 24 hours a day. And they call 24 hours a day. And he is always conscience of how others see him in public. No drinking. Very little dancing. Uptight.

But on New Years Eve? He turned his phone off, grabbed a drink (or two...or more...) and just hung out with our friends.

And it was perfect.


  1. ohhhh the blog is looking awesome! LOVE!! and lol - scrap that photo please! priceless!!

  2. Everyone needs that sometime! :)
    Your blog looks fabulous!!
    Great colors.

  3. that's awesome :) you both look happy, relaxed, and FUN!!


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