What I love Wednesday

Last Friday night, Alex and I had date night. We always go out o dinner (so that is nothing new) but here lately, we are always with friends. Now, I love our friends. They are teaching us to relax and have fun. And how to drink Vegas Bombs. Have I mentioned that I love me a Vegas Bomb?? Yeah, I do! Anyway, back to my story....

BUT, I missed having dinner with just Alex. Its our time to reconnect. And laugh.

So, when Alex came in last Friday from work and told me to get ready cause we were going on a dinner date, I was happy! And to top it off, he took me to a favorite Japanese place (that's not his favorite). I love that he thought about what I like to eat!  Now, I have to add that the wait at this place is forever. And ever. From the time we walked in, till the time we left? 2.5 hours.

But, it was sooo worth it!

After dinner, we still had drinks (read: Vegas Bombs for me + cold beer for Alex) with friends + had a great time.

Awesome night + memories.

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