I haven't forgotten about you, my friends! Things have been C-R-A-Z-Y around here. How so, you ask?

Wellllll, since you asked:

*My husband had a wreck & totaled his truck. So we are new truck shopping. Have you done that lately? No??!? Yeah, I don't recommend doing it if you love your spouse. What I want & what he wants? Not the same thing. And the cost!?! Holy cow.

*Last Friday our family remembered our daughter, Marcy. She went on to Heaven 7 years ago on 2/17.  The week of her anniversary always stinks. There's no way around it.

*We've kicked off our March of Dimes fundraising. This means meetings, and workshops and fundraisers.

* Alex and I are getting ready for a little trip to the most magical place on Earth. Yes, Walt Disney World. We leave Sat. am. We are also going to Siesta Key Beach. I am perhaps most happy about that. Alex has never been to a beach or seen the ocean and I cannot wait to share this with him!

Throw in all the regular 'life' stuff: doctor appointments, school, homework and boy scouts. Things have just been a little crazy. I have kept up with my Project Life Album + I have been making layouts. I will schedule some posts to appear while I am away and get all caught up! So be sure to stop back by!


Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think!