Project Life Q & A

Hey friends! I have been meaning to post this post for a while now! Many of you have emailed me questions and/or posted comments asking things about my PL Album. Let me answer them all for you!

Q: Great pages, I like how you used two different types of page protectors. You used a lot of really fun embellishments, are the dimensional? Do they add to bulk in your binder over time? Just asking because it's my first year...

A: Honestly, so far I haven't worried about it! I mainly use buttons, small chipboard die cuts, and badges and I try not use go overboard with them. That said, I like some dimension on my pages and am willing to exchange some bulkiness to get the look I like. Now, I could possibly reevaluate this later in the year, but for now, its working.

Q. Do you take photos every day?

A. Nope. Life is too busy for that. Ha! In fact, many days I just don't remember to get my camera out. I do, however, collect bits and pieces of our life and stash it in a bucket to use on weeks that I am lacking in the photo dept. It all evens out in the end.

Q. It looks like you are using different page protectors. Which ones did you snag?

A. I am currently using Design A + Design D. I am alternating them, so each week (in theory) will have one style A and then one style D. I am also using Design G to trim, and use as inserts. Now, you will notice that all of my page protectors are currently out of stock. I am praying they get more at Amazon before I run out. I have no back-up plan if they don't restock before I need them.

Q. Did you buy a core kit?

A. Yes. I bought the Cobalt Core Kit. I have only used a few journaling cards, but I am predicting (and hoping) I get more use out of it.

Q. Do you use your Silhouette to die cut things for your album? What are your favorite designs?

A. Yes! I love using you Silhouette for my PL book! I have the Silhouette SD (not the Cameo), but its working great for what I need. So far,most of what I am cutting are files from Lori Whitlock. She has designs made just for Project Life that do not need resizing!

Q. Lets talk printers. What do you use? Do you print at home? What does it cost?

A. Yes! I print at home. For Christmas, my hubs bought me a Canon Selphy and it works great! I typically scrapbook + work on my Project Life album late at night (usually on Sundays!) and printing at home really works well for me. I love the quality of my photos when I print at home and really, there is no need to bother taking them out for printing. I have absolutely no clue what it cost per print to print at home. Sorry.

Q. Whats your process for putting your book together? Do you have a system?

A. On Sunday nights, while I am watching The Good Wife on TV, I download my weeks work of photos. I edit them on my main computer (its in my office) and them decide what photos I am going to use & what sizes I need them to be printed to. I transfer the photos I want to use onto my external hard drive and then move to my scrapbook room. Then I connect my external drive to my Selphy and print away. This process usually takes 30 minuets or so. Once my photos are printed, I use sticky notes to label the pockets as to what goes where. I move things around until I am happy. Usually at this point, I go to bed. On Monday, I stick everything in, and embellish. Ta-DA! Its complete. I don't try to over thing the embellishing. I just do it and go on. Total time involved? About 2 hours.

Thats all the questions I have for you today! As always, if you have a question either email me or leave a comment! Thanks for taking the time to stop and ask questions & look at my work!


  1. Hi
    I have just started Project Life- Today :) Yay! :) Anyway, just opened my Variety Pack 2 with designs A and D and am surprised they are different sizes! Are they meant to be? Design D is a bit wider?
    Maybe it is obvious and I am just stupid ....
    Thanks for your help and happy scrapping :)

  2. That was enjoyable to read, thanks for posting it.

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