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Hey friends! I am still working away on my Project Life book. Some weeks fall together easily...and some, well, not so much. I am finding that on the weeks where things are hard to get documented, I am turning to freebies I find on the web. You can find my first set of Project Life Freebies here.
And lucky for you, I am rounding them up for you this week.

As always there is fine print. In shorts terms, give credit to the original artist who was nice enough to give freebies. ;)

The fine print: This list is in no-way all inclusive. I have tried to check all the links I have included to verify they are truly free but in the case I missed one, let me know so I can delete it from my list! Also, this will be a 'running' list of sorts. My plan is to have a freebie post every so often to showcase other, new freebies that I have found. Also, go leave these creative people some love & thank them for the freebies. They worked hard to create these & unselfishly give them out for free. Oh, and these are not for resell or copying. And, as always, give the creator of the wonderful stuff you download credit.

Now, on to the freebies.

1. My Sisters Suitcase has the ADORABLE  journal cards. Love the fun colors! Make sure you get both sets while at their site!

2. Craft Gossip has some really versitile 3x4 cards. Love all the patterns and colors! These would be great to have preprinted and ready to go at a moments notice!

3. Persnickety Prints is offering some fun 3x4 cards as well. These were emailed to subscribers during NSD, and well, I love them. So versitile and cute!

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4. Plucky Momo has a great feature most weeks. On Friday, she offers up a free printiable for Project Life. Some of my favorite are:

5. Write.Click.Sprapbook gives us PL freebies on a regualr basis. My favorite so far? These. But they have way more on their website!

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6. Miss Tiina has AMAZING freebies on her blog. I seriously love her work. So fun & colorful!

FREE Printable Live Free : Love Life Journal Cards {PU}

Well, ladies and gents - there ya go. Seven websites that have some great FREE downloads. Go check them out, leave them some thankful love, and follow their blogs.

Oh, and follow my blog (see on my side bar where it says "Join This Site"? Click on that and join my site!


  1. Thanks for including the PL printables from write.click.scrapbook. We appreciate the shout out!

  2. Great links, thanks for sharing! I'm off to check them out.

  3. It's kind of you to take the time to share all of this!

  4. awesome collection melissa! thanks!

  5. Wow! Very cool of you to share. Thanks!

  6. If you want to see more freebies there is a blog completely devoted to freebies: onevelvetmorning.wordpress.com

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