Project Life Week 6 & 7

...and more Project Life layouts!

Week 6

In my book, Week 6 ran from Feb. 13-19. This included Valentine's Day and the 7th anniversary of our daughter passing away. Its always a hard week.

Week 6

1. Photo of Ben and an award he got at school. 2. Journaling about award. 3. 'M' - journaling about Marcy's Anniversary in Heaven. 4. Review of week on Elles Studio card. 5.background - a handmade Valentines Day card from Grammy & Paw Paw with journaling about it. 6. date card. 7. Valentines Day card to Ben from his friend. 8. Johns handmade card from Grammy & Paw Paw and a photo of him at his class Valentines Day party.

Week 7

This was the week of our trip to Florida without the kiddos. (Can you say 'HEAVEN") This week had a ton of photos, so I added an insert.

Week 7 (side A)

1. A lighthouse in Daytona. 2. Self photo of Alex and I on the beach. Journaling is written on the back of a envelope from the other side. 3. Date & photo of Alex on a wooden ramp. 4. Photo of the beach. 5. Photo of Daytona sign, along with journaling. 6. Daytona Harley Davidson store.

Week 7 (side B)

1. Meeting Goofy. 2. Envelope with private journaling. 3. Cinderellas Castle. 4. Journaling of trip details. 5. Photo of Alex and I at WDW. 6. Me + Mickey Mouse.

Week 7 (Insert, Side A)

1. Envelope + hotel key from Resort. 2. Statue at WDW. 3. Sign outside our Resort + tag from the hotel. 4. Our view from our hotel room.

Week 7 (Insert, Side B)

1. Journaling. 2. Trip Itinerary. 3. Photos of characters from WDW. 4. John's Boy Scout Award Ceremony + journaling.

As you can see, each individual section is not feel fancy, or heavily detailed. I wanted to highlight the important stuff + move on. I got behind in my documenting at about this point. I just needed to get it done - so for me, that meant using minimal extra embellishments and papers. It meant I wrote journaling on small scraps of paper + added labels on photos. Again, this works for me.


  1. I am so sorry to read about your daughter. I enjoyed seeing how you covered Disney with PL. We were there this year too and I didn't think to add our key card to it.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. Had no idea. I love your PL and agree to do it and move on. The trip with just you two looks so fun! Love DW!


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