Week Something or Another...

Somewhere along the lines, I have screwed up my week labeling. By my calendar, this should be week 10. I am pretty sure I got it all off track while we were on vacation.

Anywho. I am calling this Week 10 - March 5-11.

Week 10

Week 10

1. Details of the week. 2. Mom's 65th bday 3. Date card. 4. Me + my new haircut 5. Journaling about Mom's bday
6. Getting my new haircut + journaling 7. Flowers from Alex

Week 11

This week was incredibly hard. Alex's uncle Gary was put in Hospice + I spent all week at his bedside as he was dying. This was also Alex's and my Anniversary - but because of everything else going on, we chose to not celebrate. Instead we split a Chocolate Motlen Lava Cake. It was perfect.

Week 11 (side A)

1. Journaling about the week. 2. Happy 8th Anniversary with Cake. 3. date card. 4. Diecut 5. Anniversary journaling. 6. My Gift. 7. More journaling. 8. Hydrangeas blooming.

Week 11 (side B)

1. Meemaw. 2. Working Out journaling. 3. Tree blooming in our front yard. 4. Gary 5. Journaling about Gary dying. 6. Garys Obit. 7. The last photo of Gary taken.

Thats all for now. I have three more weeks, photographed and ready to be blogged. That may come tomorrow. I have layouts too. *sigh* I will catch up. I will. I will. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your PL layouts. I like the way you have included the tough stuff as well as the good.

  2. Love your PL. I think I've given up on PL!

  3. Awesome work on our PL pages! The photos are fabulous!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Alex's uncle.


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