End of an Era

This last page that I've made makes me happy  sad. See, I the design and colors make me happy. The topic? That is what makes me sad. You see, when the last day of school for John rolled around so did the end of the days of having kiddos in Elementary School.

That's right. Both boys are now in Junior High.

Honestly, I never planned to be out of the 'Elementary Business' so soon. The plan was that Marcy would be behind John, and I would have a couple years of being room mom for just her (I've been a Room Mom for over 7 years - and sometimes, there were two classes that I was 'mom' to!). Mentally, I never really thought about this coming to an end. Obviously, I know Marcy is in Heaven, and I face that everyday - but it never occurred to me that this would be a big deal. Turns out, it was a very big deal to me!

Anywhoooo....this page doesn't well on the sad part of it - it just serves as a 'reminder' so later on, down the road, I can remember this stage.

I've been at home now, going on a second day, with a Summer Cold. Why are they always worse in Summer than in the Winter?? Hopefully, feeling better is just around the corner!

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