High 5 for Friday!

TGIF. Seriously. This week has been an emotional week - and I am so thankful it is over. I did want to share five things from this past week. Hang on tight, this could end up a bumpy road.

1. Got my MRI on my knee done. The good news? No surgery required. The not-so-good news? No surgery required. Apparently I have the knees of a 75 year old person. Arthritis and all. My Dr did give me a cortizone shot, thought and for the first time since October, I think I am not in pain. That is good.

2. Beautiful weather. Sun shiny and not too windy. I live for Spring, and this week has been a great week, weather wise.

3. I've found lots of good apps to download to my iphone. Lets see, I've downloaded: Marksta (watermarks for iphone cameras), Over (the best app I have found for adding text to your iphone/instagrammed photos), Vsco Cam (a great little camera), and PinTo (an app for Pinterest but I have yet to use it).

4. I worked on my Project Life book. I am caught up till this week. It isn't fancy and I have yet to find my stride, but its working for me. I am making my album work for me, and honestly, I think that is the smartest thing I could have done. I plan on sharing a months worth of layouts at the end of each month. So check back. For reals.

5. *sigh* I resigned from Paper Issues. I an barely type that out. I love Paper Issues and Cassie Box. But it just wasn't 'right' for me right now. I have cried over this decision, but at the end of the day, I have to stay true to me and what  I think is best for me. Some of my closest friends (online, scrappy friends, anyway) are members of the Paper Issues DT and I already miss chatting it up with them all day. I know I did what I needed to by leaving, but gosh. I underestimated how much it would hurt. In some many ways, Paper Issues was my baby - working on new ideas, keeping the blog going, etc. This decision wasn't made easily, but it was right for me right now.

Thats it, folks. My High Five for Friday! I am linking up to Lauren, at From My Grey Desk. You should, too. :)

ps. I am working on my post already for my Sunday Project Life Freebie list. Its going to (probably be posting late, but thats just the way it is :). It will be up though! You can sign up to get email alerts when I update my blog. You should join me so you don't miss a thing!

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  1. That sounds like a rough week, but like you're making the right decisions for you. Hopefully the shots help your knees!


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