Project Life: The Details In The Planning

It has taken me awhile to decide if I really wanted to do Project Life. I am still trying to finish up last years book (I got behind in October! yikes. But I am catching up now).

But, I am going to do it. I am taking on Project Life 2013. Maybe not a full 2 page spread every week - and I am sure I will get behind and then have to catch up. But I am going to do it, and do it my way ;) 

To get ready for this big project, I sat down and thought about ways to make it easier for me. Pre-printing journal spots. Using my Canon Selphy 900 to print photos. Gathering my materials ahead of time. These are ways I can be more productive whenever the mood strikes me to work on our book.

The key for me  in getting ready for Project Life was getting organized. I learned last year, that it is easier for me to keep all photos, notes, and odds and ends all together, then sorted into files by week. I found clear plastic folders at Michael's and then I label them with my washi tape with each weeks date. To avoid getting too overwhelmed with scope of how big of a project this can become, I focus on things in monthly increments - so I get a month worth of folders ready at one time.

 (folders labeled, ready to go, for January 2013)

Inside of the folders, I put any and all memorabilia for that week: photos, receipts, report cards, etc.  I also print out my week # cards and put them in the right envelope as well. When I am ready to work on any particular week, I can just grab that folder and everything is ready to go. When I am done with a week, I pull off the washi tape and reuse them the following month.

I mentioned that I print out the week # cards and include them in the appropriate weeks clear envelope. I am using these  that I have changed the color in photoshop (I will have a tutorial on that tomorrow!). I edit them in Photoshop and then print them out on Epson Presentation paper. They look sooo good in person!

Thanks for stopping by today. Do you have any hints/tips for organizing your memorabilia or PL supplies? Share in the comments!

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