Where I Create: My Scrapbook Room Tour

So, over on the message board at Studio Calico, we are sharing where we scrapbook & I realized I had never posted photos of my new studio. Back in October Alex remodeled our upstairs playroom for me. He built me a new table...a new cabinet...and basically went totally out of his way to make this room 'mine'.

And I think he did an AMAZING job! We had some seriously obstacles when we started but I think he  came up with some great solutions! Problems including: nasty carpet, no windows and little lighting,  sloped ceiling....the list goes on!

This is what you see when you walk up the stairs from our Living room. We added recessed lighting, new paint, a new red light that we made, and lots of storage.

This is my scrapbook table that Alex built. We found a table online and then he recreated it for me. It has a glass top so that cleaning up any paint or messes is easy. Its hard to see in the photos, but the top has been made our of extra wide planks. Its awesome.  I have my silhouette here, my Mac Book, and this is where I create. 

Just at the end of my desk is this little nook. We weren't really sure what to do with it for the longest time, but one day it hit me to add a table top attached to the walls and now its my computer desk/print station. I also have my tv & dvr wall mounted (that swivels) so I can see the tv from wherever I am in my room.

This is standing at the end of my scrap table looking back towards the stairway.

Moving right along the room is my cabinet (also made by Alex). It houses all my papers, stamps, etc. I seriously am in love with this piece. We painted it a light turquoise that really pops. Its simple. Its rustic. Its perfect.

I also have a rocking chair that my mom used when I was little. She would rock my twin and I simultaneously in it. I found a little ottoman and recovered in burlap for a foot rest. And the milk can / side table is from my childhood as well.

The little desk for my sewing machine is a thrift find. It was already red and only $5, so she came home with me.  The storage cart beside it is where I store all of my Project Life stuff. Its much like the Ikea cart that everyone wants, but since I don't have Ikea near me, I found this at World Market. $20. 

My room has a very slanted ceiling (the roof line) so there isn't much you can do in regards to vertical storage. So built-in bookcases were the answer for me! I use vintage baskets, bread boxes, mason jars...really its a hodgepodge of storage items. Probably 80% of my scrapbook supplies are stored on these shelves. The other 20% is in my cabinet.

This is just on the other side of the built-ins. The dresser was my daughters and honestly, I didn't want to use it at first. But after thinking about it, I decided to use it and it stores my fabrics and inks and a bunch of odds and ends. And I LOVE that I have a little piece of her memory in my room.

And finally, we are back to where we started. The white board is something I made out of a window from my great- grandmothers house. And yes, it is lead paint. :) Everything else around it is a collection of things I love. 

We still would love to put a window in with a dormer...and I am sure it will come...but for now, we are holding off. Adding a window would help tons in regard to crappy lighting. Maybe come Spring...

Thanks for stopping by and seeing where I create. It isn't fancy or coordinated. But its mine and honestly? This room is a true reflection of all the things I love!


  1. Great room. I adore that world market cart. how did you get it for $20, they are $63 and $79 on sale...

  2. Wow, your room is so pretty and I love how you have used the space. Great job!! Thanks, Shelly

  3. Wow - what a cool room! Love the way you decorated it and the colour scheme is totally my taste... I love this!!!

  4. This room is awesome! I love how you used things that were special to you to decorate.

  5. Wow! You have a fantastic scrap space and one talented hubby. :-)

    Debbie from Illinois

  6. Your room is absolutely wonderful!! Thanks for the peek into it.

  7. Beautiful space! I love how roomy it is! And the built-ins are awesome!

  8. This is such an awesome space!

  9. I love your space! Your hand made furniture pieces are amazing - lucky you to have such a handy husband! love the red accents, too!


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