Good Things on Monday

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I know I struggle with Mondays. They are hard and I am (usually) tired. I am starting something new here on my blog. I will be posting (and linking) good things I have found lately - things that make me happy...make me think...things I love. Some might be frivolous, others motivational. There will be no rhyme or reason to what I post other than they all are good things in my mind.

The point is to find something good (even if its just the perfect color lipstick) every Monday and to start the week out right. I hope you will join me.

Here goes! 

1. This Love Flash Mob.  I have been reading Momastery for about a year now, and honestly, this woman touches my soul with her writing. She speaks my language. She is me in so many ways. Glennon (the author of Momastery) does so much good for the world, but last week? Last week she organized a Love Flash Mob to raise money for Project Home Indy - a refuge for homeless teen moms who have babies. And the Monkeys at Momastery blew the walls out with their giving. Awesomeness  all the way around.

2. Anthropologie has these farmers market baskets in their store for $14 a piece. Not a bad price, but me? I found these at TJ Maxx for $4.99 a piece. Yes, please! I plan on using them store brads, flair and other small bits in my scrapbook room. I bought the white, yellow, red, and turquoise. 

3. I am trying out this new Bacon Wrapper Apple BBQ Chicken Crock Pot recipe tonight. Can't wait. I bet it is going to be delicious! I will let you know. Im also thinking I will whip up some of this Panera Mac and Cheese 

4. The weather this week is starting to warm up - highs are expected to be above 66 all week. Bring on the shorts + flip flops! It is Spring Break here also. Enough said. :) 

5. This video is hilarious! It is a must watch if you love crazy dog tricks.

 Hope you have a great Monday. If you end up posting some good things in your life, I would love to read about them! Leave a link in the comment section! 

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