Good Things on Monday

Happy Monday! Thought I would share some of the good things I am finding on the web these days. An insomniac by nature, I spend many nights 'window' shopping online and catching up on my blog reading.

In absolutely no particular order....

1. Did you hear about Kelly Purkey's Project Life kit? I am seriously loving the color scheme! Let's face it: I am seriously attracted to bright colors and this kit definitely fits the bill. And the fact that its bi-monthly? Love, love, love!

2. This quote. It is truly singing to my soul right now. Life can be hard - real hard - and just knowing that anything good could be coming from this, well, I am on board with it. 

3. My twin brother is coming home from Afghanistan, for good, tomorrow. Thank you, God, for keeping him safe. 

4. Not certain if this is a good thing or not, really, but I am cutting out coke and caffeine starting today. I have no false ideas - its gonna suck, big time. 

5. This outfit has me + my style written all over it. T-shirts + sandals + shorts? Yes please! 

6.  This song by Ne-Yo and this song by Lifehouse (and lots and lots of Mumford and Sons) is on repeat on my Mac. Good stuff. 

7.  My husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last week. When we married, I knew I loved him. I had no idea, though, how much my love and respect for him would grow. We have been to hell and back, and we are more in love now than ever. A funny story: I met Alex in a bar in Amarillo. I was a single mom of two small boys and one weekend while they were with their Dad, I went out with a group of girlfriends. It was in November, and I remember it being so cold outside. We went to a local dance hall and had a table, but I wasn't drinking. I did, however, want to dance. And Alex came up - literally from no where - and asked me to dance. 

Six weeks later, we were engaged. 

And three months, after that, we were married in Santa Fe.

And nine years later? We are more in love. 

That's all I got for today. I am working on my Project Life album this week. I am hoping to have all of my February weeks ready to share later this week. 


  1. Happy Anniersary, love the KP project life kit :)

  2. I love your good things on Monday post. Happy anniversary, and glad you got Kelly's kit, I totally missed out.

  3. Love the purse and the necklace! KP's kit looked great!


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