Good Things

 Happy Monday (well, its actually Sunday night, but ya know...)! Hope you have had a great weekend.  Alex and I had a pretty quiet weekend & it was nice. We bought flowers for the backyard...cleaned house...and oh yeah, moved my parents furniture into their new house. 

Here is my Good Things on A Monday list:

1. I guess you have heard of Stitch Fix? Well I got my first 'fix' and loved it so! I forgot to take photos (yikes!) but here is a quick run down of what I got: coral skinny jeans, a dressy sleeveless white button down shirt, a fabulous striped Maxi dress, a denim shirt, and a silver necklace. What did I keep? The coral jeans and the Maxi dress. My next fix is due to come the first week of May - I will take photos! Use this code: if you join up and I will get a credit for my next fix! 

2. Had dinner on Sunday with my parents. While this might not sound like a big deal, its pretty big to me. For the last 10 years, my parents have not lived anywhere near me. Not even in the same state. And now they are here, and well, Sunday dinner's are set in stone. 

3.  I'm digging this tattoo. Kinda fits into my 'One Little Word', don't ya think? 

4. My niece Grace won her District Track Meet in Discus. Oh, and she set a new school record in the process. As a sophomore. So proud of her. Onward to the Area contest now. 

5. Did you see these Toms shoes? Be.Still.My.Heart. I love the embroidered flowers - such a sweet touch without being too wild. 

Happy day, friends! 


  1. OOh your stitch fix sounds awesome. I so wish they had it internationally. What a great effort by your niece. It looks like she has a great sporting career ahead of her.

  2. I keep hearing more and more about Stitch Fix and not a bad thing about it. I may need to look into this. Thanks so much! Just realized I wasn't signed up as a follower, but I am now. :)

  3. Awesome that you had a great fix! I loved my last fix! :)

  4. That tattoo is totally amazing! I want it! x

  5. LOVE those Tom's shoes!! I had never heard of Stitch Fix...going to investigate it further :) Thanks for sharing!


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