From Where I Stand

From where I stand.....this week has been a quick week. Got to love short work weeks! Bring on the weekend.

From where I stand.....tomorrow is the last day of school for my boys. And I will have a Freshman + a Seventh grader. This cannot be possible. I am not going to lie: it hurts my heart, a lot, to see how quickly they are growing up. 

From where I stand.....had tornado's here on Tuesday and had to take shelter. Turned out, there really only was a bunch of hail, but it was still scary. So thankful Alex was at home and I didn't have to ride it out by myself. 

From where I stand.....spent most of this week getting CT scans and blood tests. I have a genetic blood disorder called Factor Five Leiden that causes my blood to clot like crazy and had a stroke scare this week. Thank God I didn't have an actual stroke - but my blood was too thick and needs to be watched more closely. Passing out, heart rate of 50 and not being able to talk? Scared the crap out of me. Spent most of the week in bed resting and trying to recover. I have been OK'd to resume my life as long as I get my blood tested weekly and I do all the things my doctor tells me to do. 

From where I stand.....had a great Memorial Day. My twin brother, his wife + kiddos came for the weekend. I just love them so! We had a cookout and made banana splits. And Mom made a brisket and ham...we laughed. And talked. And shopped. And just spent the weekend relaxing. So blessed to have a good relationship with them! 

So, whats going on with your world? Tell me about it! 


  1. Oh Melissa, praying today and this weekend are much better than the we you have had. Hugs!

  2. Here's to a much better weekend for you! Scary, glad you're doing better!

  3. Ugh, sorry to hear about your health issues. My girls are little and I still am sad to see how quickly they are growing up. I suspect it'll only get worse (sniff).


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