Good Things on Monday

...and its Monday, again! The weeks are seriously flying by! It's been a couple of week since I  have posted a 'Good Things' post, so I am going to include some good things that have happened and stuff I have loved over the last couple of weeks.

1. Both of my boys celebrated their birthdays. Ben is now 14 and John is 12. Oh my goodness. I am so proud of the young men they are becoming. They both have kind hearts and are sensitive to others and creative out the wazoo! LOL I snapped tons of photos of them in the last couple of weeks and once I get them downloaded I will post some. 

2. Today is Mother's Day! Alex made me breakfast in bed and let me sleep in. It was so nice! We then had lunch with my mom, dad and Alex's mom and dad. It was nice and relaxing. Once we were home, we added more Koi fish to our pond and spent time working on the yard. Our flowers this year? They are amazing. 

3. I've done absolutely no work in my studio lately. Thats ok, too. I needed a break and a chance to step back and refocus. I am starting to feel the urge to create again, and new ideas are starting to consume my thoughts again. I also have been working with a manufacture that wants to feature some of my work soon. --grinning from ear to ear --- Stay tuned. I will let you the details when it gets closer! 

4. Alex and I are starting to think about redoing our Dining Room. At Christmas Alex bought me a new farmhouse table and buffet and well...the walls need painted and lighting needs changed. I am starting a Pinterest Board with ideas. You can check it out here.

5. This week should be a slow week. Yoga and working out is really all I have to do this week. Hoping I  can spend some time cleaning out a couple of closets and getting my summer clothes organized. A tidbit about me: I am clothes horse. I LOVE clothes! I have a walk in closet and it is full-to-the-brim of clothes. And shoes. I love flipflops. :) 

Happy Monday, friends! 

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