Bucket List of Summer of 2014

I cannot believe that Summer is practically here. School is out for Summer Break in one week.

One week. I can't believe it. 

Because I share time with my boys with their dad, we have a limited amount of Summer vacation time to squeeze in all the fun summer-y things we want to do. I find that having a list planned out ahead of time helps us accomplish our 'want to' lists.

After talking with Ben + John, and then day dreaming with Alex, here is our official Summer Bucket List for 2014:

 Roast marshmallows outside and make s'mores.

 Go to the Drive-In movie.

 Road trip to a Texas Rangers game.

 Learn to drive (that is specifically for Ben).

 Head to the lake and water ski.

 Go on a family vacation.

 Ride roller coasters.

 Plant flowers.

 Eat dinner outside.


 Quit drinking soft drinks & instead drink water.

 Take more photos - with my big camera.

Sleep outside in a tent. 

I am sure that we will be adding to this list as the summer progresses….and I will be certain to update this list as we work our way down the list.

This is going to be a good summer.

I can just feel it.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Love the idea of a summer bucket list.

  2. Fun list! So many things I want to do too...but not sure if anyone wants to join me! lol!


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