This past weekend was a stay up late and sleep in kinda weekend. The boys are both home from their Dads and have (actually) been enjoying being around each other.  It's been nice.

On Saturday we spent the day at home - playing in the backyard and building shelves for John's room. Alex and I have been working on updating John's room for awhile now and all we have left is one more shelf and to find a new light. #neverendingproject

On Sunday though, we loaded up the truck and boat and headed to the lake. This is the second time we have been this year and the weather was perfect. Warm and no 'real' wind. The lake was perfectly still and perfect for tubing and knee-boarding. So that's what we did.

Watching the boys ride the tube together was so funny. They planned out how to best hold on, what to do when one was going to fall off, etc.  They were actually pretty good together on the tube.  But, by far, their favorite thing to do was (relearn) how to knee board. 

Alex had taught both of them how to knee board several years ago, but a refresher course was needed. Ben and John both took a couple minuets to refresh their memory then they were ready to go! 

We were at the lake a couple of hours then headed back home. The boys are already planning another trip this week - they are anxious to get more time in the water. 

Have a great week! We are home all week - working on Summer assignments for school and relaxing. No real plans. No expectations. Just having fun.

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