Our Weekend in Photos

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend here - our boys were home and we had some fun things planned.

The weather was perfect for fall - warm with a slight breeze. Perfection. 

On Saturday we met up with PawPaw and his friend, Shirley.  My mom has been gone 9 months and Dad is ready to start putting his foot into the dating world.

Yeah, I am freaking out about it.  Its hard seeing him with someone new - even if he is happy.

The boys met Shirley for the first time and they loved her. Pretty sure the feeling was mutual (atleast I think it was?!?). We all met up at a pottery painting place where everyone picked their own piece to paint. Dad and Shirley each painted a cross, while Ben chose to paint a Texas flag and John chose a shark bank.

Of course I had to get the boys handprints and turn them into turkeys. The running joke in our family is that the boys will be in college and I will still be using their handprints for holiday decorations. Ha!

Then we headed to get some gelato on 6th street. Oh it was so good! Afterwards I had to take the boys to the mall for some jeans . Yeah, that was fun. Or not! 

Sunday was spent doing chores here at the house. Alex and Ben were outside while John and I tackled projects indoors. At the end of the day we were all so tired - but the garage was clean and 2 pieces of furniture were painted for my store at the Nat.

It was a good day.

It was an awesome fall weekend! 

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