March Project Life - Part 1

Know that feeling where a project seems like it.will.never.end?

Yeah, I am so there with photographing my Project Life layouts. Oh well. This is what I get for letting them all pile up on me.

Lesson learned.

Today I sharing my part one of March 2014 layouts. Our March was incredibly busy with tons of travel, so I am going to break the March PL layouts into multiple posts.

Let's get started!

(Front and Back side of 1st page, Type G Protector, trimmed down)

This first spread is all about our 10 year anniversary. Alex bought me a new diamond ring (!!) and the journaling is about how our love has grown. 

(First full size layout, Right and Left side. Protector Type A)

This set of layouts are about a trip to Lake Charles to see our family. Oh how I miss them all! (I have removed an insert with all the private journaling as I know I have a few 'lookers' who stop by to keep tabs on whats going on in my life). 

(second full size layout, Right and Left side using type A protectors)

This is the first half of March Project Life - spring break. In the next installment of my March PL will be a trip to Las Vegas. Fun times :) 

The second installment in my March PL will be here on the blog later in the week so make sure you stop back by! 

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  1. Happy 10th Anniversary... for March. Oh well it's still an achievement in November :) Totally get what you mean about photographing and blogging spreads. It's totally worth it though. Your spreads a beautiful. Love the hints of gold.


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