Remember a few weeks ago I shared a Workplace Wednesday post with a sneak of a mini album? No? Here is the sneak.

Are we all caught up now?


Well I have finished the 'mini' album, but in reality it isn't an album at all! Its actually a journal book of sorts that I throw into my purse and keep all things Christmas-y related in.

Gift Lists. Who is getting a Christmas Card. Grocery Lists.

It all goes in.

It's not fancy nor does it need to be. It's practical. And kinda cute ;)

It's actually made out of stuff I had laying around my studio. The base is chipboard sheets and the interior pages are made from heavy card stock (from somewhere like Target).  For the front embellishments I raided my craft closet and found things I liked that didn't scream Christmas.

I like things that 'whisper' Christmas ;).

I have included an envelope on the inside of the cover to stick in receipts so they will be easy to find later on.

The book has three sections: gifts, cards, and an extra section. Grocery lists, notes, things like that will find themselves in the extra section.

I have bound it all together with two metal rings. This allows me to add or take papers out if need be. 

Tie is all up with a black ribbon and its ready to be thrown into my purse for a day of holiday shopping! 

Thats it. Simple, cheap and ready to help me get organized for the holiday season.


  1. This is really cute!! Love it. Does it hold up ok in your purse or do you have to be careful with it?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Anandi! I used spray adhesive to glue the covers down and it holds it all well. I have made a book like this for the last 5 or so years and it holds up just fine. Now I make sure to tie the ribbon when I throw it in my bag so the pages don't get all bent and whatnot.


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