A few snapshots + words from today. I am still trying to find my groove on the photos I take vs. the stories I want to tell. My boys are at their Dad's until later in the week, so its just me, Alex + the three dogs to document.

This should be interesting.

Rise + Shine time was 7:30. Lots of sunlight streaming in and the humidity is thick in the air. 

Lots of ordinary stuff had to be done today. Grocery shopping, doctor appointments, making dinner.  Emails to coaches. Emails from my dad about my MawMaw falling (note: I need to print this email out to include). 

First stop though? Sonic for a coke. 1/2 price morning drinks for the win.

Grocery shopping. Meal Planning. This is what I do on Mondays. Its actually a routine that I love - figuring out dinners for the week and planning desserts. I am not a great cook but I can hold my own and thankfully Alex and the boys aren't picky.

Next stop - the doctors office to get my MRI results. 2 bulging disks in my lower back. 3 Prescriptions and a schedule for Physical Therapy and I am on my way to healing.

Tonight Alex has plans after work so dinner goes into the crockpot. We are trying a new recipe out - Beef Steak Tips and Gravy. Can't wait to eat - it smells so good! I ended up serving it over white rice and then baked potatoes on the side. The recipe needs a bit tweaking (and maybe some green chili's?) but it was nice to have everything done once we were ready to sit down and eat.

A self timer photo of Alex and I in bed, watching the news. Not the best quality but this time with him? I love it. Every night this is our time....this is our treasured time. We read, watch the news, and catch up on the days events. Our dogs snuggle with us and its just a peaceful way to end our day.

How are you doing? Have you taken photos today to add to you Week In The Life album?

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