November. Can you believe we are already starting November? Seriously, this year has flown by. Its been good. Real good.

The beginning of November also signals the time to start my annual December Daily album. Planning, dreaming, sketching. This is a project so near to my heart. Documenting the everyday of December. The holiday madness. The silent nights 

While the actual documenting will be done in December, I spend November getting this together. I have been gathering items that I might want to include. Making lists of things that I know we will be doing that I want to document. For me, planning is key.

November is a busy time for my family. Of course there is Thanksgiving, but also State Marching Band Competition, a weekend spent in San Antonio, Banquets, and volunteer work. Having a timeline of sorts keeps me on time. 

Here's a rough idea of how I allot my time for November for this project. Remember, these dates are flexible and they are what works for me.

November  6 - (hopefully) have my album in
                        print out any planning sheets
                        set up files on computer 

November 15 - order any photo paper or ink I will need
                         have supplies organized 
                         precut any digital designs I might use

November 20 - have inner workings of album started

November 28 - have desk cleared and ready to go
                         charge camera battery 

While planning ahead is not for everyone this system works well for me. It keeps me on track. It gives me a place to look when I am starting to get overwhelmed (and I know I will get overwhelmed!).

Thanks for stopping in! I cannot wait to get this project started (and by the end of December, I will be so ready to be done with this project!)

Are you going to have a December album? Do you blog about it? Leave me a link in the comment section and I will go leave you some love!

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  1. Melissa, thanks for the address to your blog. I like seeing what you were planning. I have planned quite a bit ahead, I have done several pages that I will use when I hit the wall. my blog is


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