This week our family faced having to put our beloved Roscoe to sleep. 

And it hurts. And we've all cried. 

We are certain we made the best decision for Roscoe - his quality of life was gone. He could no longer run, play, eat or really do anything other than lay in his bed. We debated getting him a wheelchair - and then he went further downhill and really the most loving thing to do was to put him down.

We had already tried acupuncture - and initially he was getting better. Then one day we woke up and our sweet baby was back to square one. In pain, scared and not real sure what was going on.

Roscoe came home to us when he was 8 weeks old. He was going to be taken to a shelter because his original owners did not want him...but once Ben and John saw him, they knew he was ours. 

We bought him home one Friday while Alex was out of town. What a surprise he had when he got home! 

....and we have not looked back. He was loyal, playful, loving. He was all the things you want in a dog for your boys. He would curl up with me in the mornings after Alex went to work. Such a snuggle bug he was! 

We will miss this little guy so much - we already do. But the time we had him (just over 5 years) - he was right where he needed to be. He was perfect for our family (even when he ate my new leather couch!). 

Rest in peace little buddy. You've done well. 

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