For 2016 I have begun keeping an art journal. What's an art journal, you ask? Well basically its just a book where I can play around with paints, different textures and techniques and have no rules. I can doodle, scribbles, layer paints on top of each other just to play. 

For me, I am using my art journal in connection to my daily devotional book, Savior: Living Abundantly Where You Are by Shauna Neiquist.  Every day I complete my devotion, then spend a couple of minuets in my art journal. Some days I am able to 'play' for a couple of hours, other days I only have 10 minuets. The point, for me, is to just play with no rules. 

For this page, I just layered paint, papers, and randomness. I used art spackle, rub ons  and ribbon. I smeared, gooped and globbed. The end product turned out to be darker than I intended but that is ok. This isn't for anyone other than me!

For this page, I initially only had about 20 minuets to play - but I didn't feel like I was 'done' with the page so I came back late and continued to layer things until it felt right.

Today is my oldest 'ring ceremony' for school - and he is home sick. Say a prayer for him - his brother was sick for almost a week last week and now it is Ben's turn. I absolutely hate that Ben is missing his ceremony - but what can be done?

Have a blessed Tuesday friends! Don't forget to tune in tonight to Fixer Upper! You know I will be watching!

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