December Daily 2015


My December Daily 2015 album is done.



Truth be told, its been 'done' since the first week of January. It just took me awhile to photograph it and get it ready to share.

Well, here it is. Good take a peek and then come back here so we can talk. You can also watch it using the video below.

Either way will work!

Now lets talk about what worked, what didn't.

Overall, I love my album. The white. The size. LOVE with a capitol L - O - V - E.  You can find one here. (some have mentioned that their albums were bowed when they got them. I didnt notice it really with mine, so I guess it depends on which batch you got.)

The ribbon is  May Arts black check ribbon  This ribbon is my absolute favorite of all time. For the album itself, well that came from Ali Edwards. For the cover I used some and a charm that I had in my stash from years ago. Im sure it came from the jewelry dept of Hobby Lobby though.

The bulk of my album came from Ali Edwards kits - Jasmine Jones Kit and One Little Bird. Truthfully, I could have just used Jasmine's kit as I didnt end up using much of the One Little Bird kit. Such is life, lol.

The rest of the items used are just things I collected. Some from previous years and some I picked up while Christmas shopping. I tried to really limit myself to what I had at home already though. This project can get expensive fast and I could not have that happening this year.

Now, I prepared much of my album ahead of time. Some pages worked out, others not so much. Thats ok. I just changed things as I needed to and didnt worry if a page didn't work. You can see how I had my album prepared here. I know in the future that I will definitely prepare my album ahead of time. It just works for me.

For my photo printing, I just print them all at home either using my Epson PhotoPrinter or my regular printer with photo paper. Either way works. Printing at home was a definite time saver. I also printed any extra journaling cards I wanted to use - I just printed them on Epson Presentation Paper.

There you go. If you have any questions, let me know. I am a pretty simple scrapbooker and not super technique oriented, but if you have any specific questions I would love to answer them. Shoot me an email or leave me a comment.

Have a great day & thanks for stopping by! Its almost 80 today so Spring is definitely (maybe?) here!

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