Just Keep Swimming

Just keep swimming. The tide will change and things will get better.

Did you need to hear this? I did. Life is moving pretty quick these days, where one day quickly rolls into the next. 

Just keep going. Things will slow down. Get better. Improve. They will!

Have something on your heart that is weighing you down? Tell me in the comments or email me! Things are easier to carry when you share the weight.

I will go first!

I am worried about my sons foot. He broke it last week at school, and is wearing a boot. I know how hard he has worked to make Varsity X-Coutnry and I am scared he will not be able to catch up on his milage in running while he waits for his foot to heal. I know my son and he won't want to wear the boot like he is supposed to!

Also? My MacBook took a nosedive last week and is now in the repair shop. I so hope it can be repaired. The screen didn't break but the programs weren't loading correctly. Of course, it just went out of warranty so I get to pay for my accident instead of Apple. Isn't how it always happens?

So thats what I am worried about. Very minimal, but still its on my heart. I know others have much more worrisome things so these are very insignificant in the grand scheme of life.

How about you? Have anything you want to get off your chest? Leave me a note in the comments or shoot me an email! Life is better when you can share your worries!


  1. Sending you hugs. Worry for our kids is a big one even when everything is fine. Hope your son keeps his boot on and heals. Sorry about your macbook too. It's always a pain to be without your computer. Your gif is too cute though!

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