So today I began working with my trainer. 

Lets just say it wasn't pretty. 

Going in, I was anxious. Staying awake at night, worrying anxious. Would I like my new trainer? Would she get tired of my lack of ability and give up on me? 

But once I went in, I began to get to know my new trainer. 

Y'all. She is a doll and has a heart for Jesus. She completely understood my anxiety and struggles with depression. She's walked that path before. I cannot tell you how relieved I was once I got to talking with her. 

I'll be honest: I couldn't do all the things she had planned, and well, I was a bit embarrassed at my lack of coordination. And lets not talk about the planks she wanted me to do! 

Ok. A lot embarrassed. But never once did she make me feel bad or make me feel like I wasn't worth putting the effort into.

We talked the entire time I worked out. About our husbands and how we both feel that the we are called to be Godly mothers and wives. We talked about anxiety. Part of what we talked about was how God wants me to trust in him: my anxiety says that God isn't in control when in fact, He has the plan all worked out for his glory! 

While my legs are burning tonight from the lunges - tonight my heart is at peace. Knowing she understands what it is like to fight the demons in your head that tell you you aren't worth the effort. 

While I hope I am able to get my body back in shape, if today's conversation is any indicator - I believe she has been put into my life for a reason. 

Have a good evening, friends! Tomorrow I have my Friday Lovin' post - I am sharing my favorite blogs! 


  1. Woohoo! Sometimes God brings us encouragement where we don't expect if and calms our anxieties in ways we could never predict. I'm so glad this relationship started on such a positive note for you!

  2. Ugh, I remember the aches after lunges, gotta admit now I avoid them. Glad to hear that you and your trainer are likeminded and can help one another achieve more than a physical goal, it is always good to find someone who can encourage you in your walk..I will also be praying for you

  3. Sounds like you found just the right trainer.

  4. Hurray! So glad that you liked your trainer. Loved the quote at the top of the post.


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