The one I almost missed

Here's the story: Ben and his group of friends went to a local Italian restaurant for dinner before Prom. I knew they were going, and everything was great.

I had headed downtown to the Civic Center to see the kids walk into Prom and I wanted to catch the kids as they headed in, after dinner.

When I got downtown I was about 10 minuets early so I decided to drive around. Our downtown has tons of old buildings and I just love all the character.

At the stoplight I am behind another vehicle and I notice out my window that kids are climbing on one of the horse statues that are featured downtown. I take a double take, and I notice MY KID riding on the horse!

I whip my camera out (it was in the passenger seat) and snap this photo of the kids as I drive by. Yes, this was taken through my car window.

As I pass by, Ben's friend notices me and they look my direction.

I love this photo. This is just so typical of them. Doing their own thing, listening to their own summer.

I almost missed this shot. But thats to being a bit early and being held up by a stoplight, I got it.

And that makes me happy.


  1. You are so lucky to have gotten this. It's such a great shot! I can totally see why this makes you happy.

  2. What a great photo. Sometimes those unplanned events give us the best photos.

  3. I admit I would be up there as well. Looks like fun!


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