This is a late-Tuesday evening post for me. Thought about just waiting to share this, but then I will forget and never do it...

Taking care of myself is something that has been on my mind a bunch lately. Specifically, what am I doing to physically take care of myself? 

To be honest? I haven't taken really good care of me. I eat crap, and only recently gave up caffeine in all forms (yeah, that was fun. Not.)

I also have started back in the gym with my trainer. In 2012  I chose the word 'downsize' as my One Little Word, and had great success losing 20+ pounds. This year my word is Intentional and I am choosing to be intentional about taking care of me.

Two years ago I had a stroke while at the gym - the stroke caused vision loss in my left eye. Since then, I have been afraid to get back in the gym. Nine months ago my doctor released me to workout again, but I literally was paralyzed with fear. I know the chances of it happening again are slim, but what if....? So I quit working out. I also quit really taking care of me. 

Not anymore! I am choosing to be intentional and take control of my health. I have no grand illusions of ever being a size 4 again. But I can watch what I eat and limit my sugar intake. I am also committing myself to 10,000 steps each day. 

I want to love myself. Love my body and take care of myself. I want to show my boys that taking care of yourself physically is just as important as caring for your heart spiritually and caring for those around you. 

So, thats whats on my mind. How about you? Do you take good care of yourself? 


  1. Good for you! I'm taking initial steps myself. I've gained so much weight in the last 2 years and lost so much strength. I just got back on the treadmill for the first time in ages today. I only went 1.25 miles but I felt so much better for doing it.

  2. Same here, I bought a fitbit and though it has only been 4 days, I find that it does encourage me to move more. I did the caffeine cleanse also and know what you are talking was not fun...but one day at a time. I think the key to OUR success will be making small sustainable changes that build upon each other...instead of a fast overhaul that will leave us reeling and with overpowering cravings. Smaller Portions, more veggies, more water...that kind of thing.

  3. Wow! How scary Melissa, I don't blame you for being a little gunshy. Good for you for getting back on the horse and starting again.

  4. I have been absolutely horrid at taking care of myself. I work too much, eat too much, sleep too little, and basically don't exercise. It is time I start taking care of me. I know I need to take it in steps. I also know that beating myself up will not be productive. So exercise is first on my list of habits to change.


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