Weekend Photos

(Ben, running the 3200m)

(John, running the 4x400m relay)

This past weekend was all about track. Both boys run for their High School and I am so proud of how hard they have been working! Ben (my oldest) runs long distances - the 1600m and 3200m.  John (the youngest) runs the 400m and 4x400m relay. Both boys had great runs this past weekend and District is this coming week.

Ben has been a long distance runner for almost 2 years now - he runs X-Country in the Fall as well. John is an unexpected runner. He will tell you he hates track, but then he will go and run his heart out.

This is John as he takes the lead in the 400m race. It was close until the end - but he was able to pull off the win! 

The length of Ben's legs crack me up. He definitely got his height from his dad's side of the family. Ben just makes running look easy.

I am just so proud of my boys. I love seeing them be successful - on a team sport but also in their respective individual races. 

Today is my last time to volunteer at a local elementary school. While its been fun helping teach art - I am ready to take a break and get ready for the warmer temperatures! 

Have a great Wednesday! 


  1. Great photos! How I wish I had a good digital camera (they were still very new technology then) when my daughter ran track in the late '90s. It was so fun to watch her run, but now I don't have anything but memories. Your boys are awesome!

  2. Fun times! Your kids will definitely appreciate these photos when they grow up! I wish I had more of me in my more, ahem, athletic days :D


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