A Review + A Giveaway!

A few months ago, I knew I had to get my vision checked. I have worn glasses/contacts since I was in the first grade and when your vision is off, then you KNOW its time to get a checkup and a new pair of glasses.

Over Spring Break, I went and got my vision checked and yep! My prescription had changed since the last eye examine. While I was waiting for the Optometrist to see me, I took a long around there showroom at the glasses that they sell. 

My mouth dropped when I saw the prices of the glasses + lens. Over $300 for the frames? And then more for the lens? 

Um, no thank you.

I kindly got my prescription and decided I could have a way to have a great pair of glasses and not spend a ton on them either.

About this time I received an email from Firmoo, asking if I would like to try out their glasses. 

Yes, yes I would! 

Meet Firmoo.  Firmoo is the answer for vision + fashion the affordable way.

Basically, you look through their online catalog and find a pair of glasses (or even sunglasses!) that you love, enter your prescription and they send you the great (and affordable) glasses you picked. 

Here is a screenshot of the pair I picked. It came in several colors, and you can try them on just by uploading a current photo of yourself! 

Not sure if the pair you've picked out with fit your face? No worries! On each pair, Firmoo will give you the dimensions and you get a good feeling of how they will fit you on your face. For me, since I had an old pair, I was able to measure my old pair and see that my new pair would be quite comparable in size.

And the best part? They were only $29.00! And thats the frame and lenses, included! 

I have had the glasses for about a month now, and I have to tell you - I love them! 

I love them for many reasons, but mainly because I didn't break the bank for them. They are light weight and easy to wear. I've worn them to drive, to workout and even out to dinner and have had no issues with them at all! 

Would I use Firmoo again? Absolutely! In fact, I am eyeing a pair of sunglasses that I can  wear when we are at the lake. With their affordable pricing, I can pick up a few pairs and swap them out with whatever mood I am in! 

So, because I love Firmoo and want you to love Firmoo, I am giving away a pair of FREE GLASSES (you just pay shipping) to FIVE lucky winners! International friends are welcome to enter as well - just make sure you check that they ship to where you live, using this link.

Thats one pair of glasses (made to your prescription) for 5 people! All you will pay is shipping! 

To enter: leave me a comment on which pair of glasses from this page that you love! I would also love you to follow my blog, and me on YouTube! Thats it! 

You have until MAY 10th, 2016 at midnight (central time) to enter! I will be sharing my favorite Firmoo glasses with you on Friday, so check back and see which pairs are on my wishlist! 

**this is a sponsored post, but all opinions and reviews are mine. I would not recommend this company unless I truly thought they were worth recommending! 


  1. I like DBSN62236(Wide) http://img.firmoo.com/p/3723/middle-2-JGFfF57EN9.jpg

  2. I fell in love with the classic model #DBSN62220. The variety of colors and great prices make it a must have on my next eyeglass shopping eleganza extravaganza!

    Please pick me to win. You are my favorite.

  3. Love K9043 because they're blue!! ��
    BTW that pic of you is great!

  4. I really like DBSN62220 - I have a narrow face and they are the only narrow frames currently offered by Firmoo. I also agree with Beki - that picture of you is wonderful.

  5. K622 are really cute! Thanks for the chance to win a pair!

  6. I don't need the glasses, but wanted to say that is an awesome giveaway. Also, you look great in your glasses.

  7. I love DBSN6224! Hope I win!

  8. Love http://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-3601.html

  9. DBSN62216

    Amanda thanks you profusely for getting me the glasses that she thinks I so desperately need. :)

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