November 15

Today I am grateful for my neighbors.

It's kinda weird - we have owned this home for 9 years. And in that nine years our neighbors have not changed. I assumed people would be moving in and out of our neighborhood but they don't.

We don't talk to our neighbors much (we say hello when we seen them, but our schedules don't allow for much more than that)  but it is so nice and comforting to know they are keeping a lookout for our home. Just the other day, while we were gone, a neighbor saw something suspicious and went out of her way to document what was going on. She got license plates. etc. for us.

She didn't have to that, after all, I am sure she was busy. But she did.

In the end, we ended up not needing the information. But she was prepared to help us if we did need it and I appreciate that!

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