November 2

I am grateful for this man. He is my better half. In a world where I stress, over analyze, and shy away from things - he is the opposite. He takes life in stride and never worries. He is a joker at heart but at first glance you'd think he was oh so serious. Ha! He isn't!

How I met this man is kinda funny.  We met in a bar.  I had gone with my good friend Whitney to hang out and Alex had gone with his best friend Marcie. Neither or us were 'regulars' - but we both happened to be there on this night.We danced and well, I knew he was something special from the minuet I met him.

I was recently divorced , and I had no plans of going down the marriage aisle so soon. But man. When I met him, I just knew. I called my mom almost immediately and told her I would marry this guy. My mom was oh so excited (I am being sarcastic!).

Sure enough, we were engaged by January and married in March.

Looking back, I can see now Alex is everything I always needed but never thought I wanted.

He is not perfect, but he is perfect for me.


  1. Very sweet story! Continued happiness to you!

  2. Very sweet story! Continued happiness to you!

  3. Y'all are a great inspiration to me. I love the bond and love between you two! Love you dearly!!


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