November 4

Today I am grateful for John He is my second born and my baby.  John is down right funny and a smarty pants. He is quick with a comeback but is also the first one to sneak a hug. And he gives a great hug! 

He is my snuggler. Every Saturday am when he is home, he will crawl into my bed and watch Netflix with me.  John is also the official helper in the kitchen. Cooking dinner isn't his favorite but man - he can make a dessert like no one's business! 

John is known as the 'baby whisper'. Seriously - he has never met a baby that wasn't mesmerized by him. Any random baby can be screaming their head off and then John walk up and all the sudden, the baby is all smiles. Its crazy. 

This kid is wicked smart. I am so proud of how well he does in school. He dreams of attending Notre Dame and I believe he will make it. 

I am so blessed to be his mama!  

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