(This has nothing to do with being creative. I just needed to blog my heart and get some stuff out of my system. Not interested? Thats ok)

I am sitting here this morning thinking about how life changes.

I am one week away from the anniversary of my Momma passing.

Grief is such a funny thing. It is so up and down..and just when you feel like you have it under control, BAM. It smacks you in the face.

My family has 'made it' through all the first holidays, birthdays, and births. Actually, I think we handled all of those milestones with the grace and peace that would have made my Momma proud.

Remember me telling you about my dad having a girlfriend? Well after thoughtful prayer and time, they have decided to get married. And that's a good thing.

On Monday, though, it hit me. My dad will be moving in with Shirley once they are married. And the days of just walking into my parents home are gone.

I stopped by to see my dad (he was at Shirley's house) and I had to ring the doorbell.

A small thing but it was something I have never had to do before to see my dad. Before, all I did was just walk in. It was home, after all. Once Dad moves, the last piece of the life we had with Momma will be gone.

Not going to lie. It hurt to breath on Monday.

I cried myself to sleep Monday evening. It felt good to cry, to get it all out.

Tuesday I woke up and the pain was less. I know things change, and good can come from change.

It's just hard sometimes. 

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  1. Sending hugs. My dad passed away New Year's Day. I know this year will be challenging, and hoping to face it with as much grace as you have.


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